Why we can’t stop talking about these Niagara Venues) 

Gorgeous Photos at Niagara’s Wedding Venues:

After the last blog about our favourite wedding venues in Niagara, we got many questions from all of you about our thoughts on other venues. We hear that need for an insider-perspective, so we’re back with more of our favourite wedding venues in the Niagara Region! Here are five more indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Niagara to help you find exactly what you need during your wedding planning process. 

We might be biased but, when it comes to memorable wedding settings, Niagara just doesn’t quit …

Vineyards, sunsets, escarpment, waterside views, historical character… Niagara, you deliver it all. 

How to Choose Your Wedding Venue (And feel great about it):

You’ve heard it from a million people now – book your wedding venue right away, they fill up fast! So, you’ve been searching for a wedding venue that will be the perfect setting for your wedding day (while feeling a bit of that pressure to act quickly). 

The problem is that finding your ideal wedding venue can feel really overwhelming – there are so many options, you don’t have limitless time to visit them all, and you often have to book your wedding venue before you’ve organized all the other details of your wedding. Gah, stress! (Right!?). 

Wrong! Remember – we don’t play the wedding-stress game at Morning Light. We find that when our clients have the help and support they deserve (without that scarcity voice saying, “hurry up, you’re going to miss the boat if you don’t cross everything off your list today”), then they actually end up making great decisions, more quickly, and without a stress headache afterwards. 

So, in the spirit of having fun and staying curious, let’s explore more of Niagara’s gorgeous wedding venue options. 

Here’s a summary of the locations we’re going to cover in this blog: 

  1. Queen’s Landing
  2. Club Roma
  3. Riverbend Inn and Vineyard  
  4. Woodland Weddings
  5. Hernder Estate Winery

“But wait, you’re photographers right?”

Yes, you’re very correct, we’re photographers who also love to help you find the answers you need to plan your wedding. After being actively involved in the wedding industry for over five years, photographing over 100 couples’ wedding days, we have a lot of advice to share to make your wedding planning journey easy and even fun. 

Since photography relates a lot to your wedding day schedule, and the setting of where your photos are taken, we’ve curated five more spectacular wedding venues in Niagara that we love shooting at (see our first five here). 

What to Look for in a Niagara Wedding Venue:

Here are the most important things to ask yourself, and the venue coordinator when you’re researching wedding venues: 

  • Can this venue accommodate the number of guests on my list? 
  • Does it fit the vibe I want for my wedding decor, and the wedding photos I want to receive? 
  • Do you want a blank canvas to decorate yourself, or do you want a venue that offers loads of charm and decor on its own, so you don’t have to worry about it? 
  • What locations in the venue are best suited for photos? (Decor and lighting are key here) 
  • If the venue offers outdoor space for roaming and photography, ask where the sunset would be in the evening? (We want that golden-hour light!) 
  • Is on-site catering available for dinner, or will I need to bring in a caterer? Or is outside catering allowed? 
  • Do you want to have on-site accommodations available for your out of town guests? (This is common if you expect to have a large number of guests travelling to your wedding) 
  • How do you want your guests to spend time in between the ceremony and reception? 
    • Do you want them to be in one place without travelling between locations? 
    • Do you want to offer a cocktail reception after the ceremony? 
    • Do you want them to walk around the corner and find a downtown core full of shopping and restaurants? 
    • Or do you want natural scenery for guests to wander through and enjoy? 
  • Do you have your heart set on indoor or outdoor settings? For example, a church ceremony or an outdoor ceremony? A hall-reception or under the stars? 
  • If you’re looking for outdoor options, always make sure you know what the venue’s rain policy is 
  • What key features of your wedding day do you need a venue to accommodate? For example: 
    • A dance floor
    • An area for a live band or DJ
    • A bridal suite to get ready in 
    • A private spot to hold your first-look as a couple 

Pro Tip:

This list might seem overwhelming, but honestly, your gut will tell you the answer to most of these things. When you go to visit, can you see yourself getting ready in front of that big, gold mirror? Can you see yourself walking down that aisle? Do you see where your nieces and nephews will play hide and seek in the gardens? 

When it feels right, you just know – just like with your fiancé, your wedding dress, or finding your new home. We’re already so excited for you to have “that moment” when you know you’ve found your perfect wedding venue. 

Five Niagara Wedding Venues that Will Make You Swoon:

  • Queen’s Landing: 

Website: Learn about Queen’s Landing Weddings

Address: 155 Byron Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake 

Seating: Can seat between 48 – 300 guests (see four different event space options below)

Photo Opportunities: The biggest feature is their rock garden space. It’s a stunning landscape which includes a waterfall, pond and gazebo. 

Catering: On-site chef and culinary team 

Photographing Your Wedding at Queen’s Landing:

Vintage Hotels has done it again with their enchanting venue, “Queen’s Landing.” You’ll enjoy your wedding in that ballroom-glow of ornate gold accents and crystal chandeliers. Queen’s Landing is a breathtaking lakeside Georgian Mansion overlooking the Niagara River. If you’re searching for a venue that offers fairytale-level elegance and tons of character, you must add Queen’s Landing to your list. You and your guests will bask in the best of Niagara’s natural scenery while also enjoying an elevated wedding day experience in one of their four romantic event spaces:

  • The Imperial Ballroom: This ballroom will wow your guests with its elegant gold accents and chandeliers dripping with crystals. You’ll feel like a princess in glass slippers walking in to join your guests for an evening of elegance. This room seats 120 guests. 
  • The Georgian Ballroom: This ballroom is the largest indoor wedding space at Queen’s Landing, able to host up to 250 guests. Your large wedding will feel magically intimate in this elegant space – we’re always dazzled by their handcrafted chandeliers and golden drapery. Your reception photos will have that warm, romantic glow perfect for an evening celebration. 
  • The Atrium: Any Jane Austen fans out there? In this venue, you’ll truly feel like you’ve found your Mr. Darcy. lf you’re planning an intimate wedding of your closest friends and family, we would recommend the Atrium, seating up to 48 guests. You’ll walk in to your wedding guests through a set of french doors, swaying past ornate mirrors and an opulent chandelier to meet the love of your life at the end of the aisle. Photos are always wonderful in here because of the large windows letting in lots of gorgeous daylight!
  • The Waterview Garden: This is the outdoor ceremony space offered by Queen’s Landing, accommodating up to 300 guests. Say your vows beneath a stunning pergola, decorated in gorgeous drapery and romantic floral arrangements. Past a row of tall trees you’ll see the Niagara River bringing a stunning waterfront feel to your elegant wedding day. Your summer wedding here will result in tons of breathtaking photos. 
  • Club Roma: 

Website: Learn about Club Roma Weddings

Address: 125 Vansickle Road, St. Catharines

Seating: 20 – 500 

Photo Opportunities: A beautifully landscaped outdoor garden area, the starlit sky in the Starlight Ballroom, 

Catering: Amazing, authentic Italian food at their onsite kitchen 

Photographing Your Wedding at Club Roma: 

Many couples have had their hearts set on Club Roma since they were young, whether they attended other family weddings there, or have had the unforgettable experience of dancing underneath that starlight ballroom sky. There are so many great reasons to have your wedding at Club Roma, from their amazing italian cooking, their large guest number capacity, to their extraordinary event spaces. We love capturing photos with their sparkling crystal chandeliers, and twinkling skylights. Many people don’t realize that they also offer a gorgeous outdoor pavilion, with manicured gardens, and majestic trees that form a canopy over the ceremony space. 

You can capture the exact feeling you want for your wedding day by choosing one of their four  wedding venue spaces:

  • The Gemini Ballroom: A great space to gather your friends and family for a night to remember! At the glamorously decorated head table, you’ll feel like the Queen and King of the castle. The draped ceiling swag creates a classic canopy effect that looks great in photos as well. Seats up to 500 guests. 
  • The Starlight Ballroom: You’ll feel like the belle of the ball walking in beneath the starlit ceiling and shimmering decor to compliment. First dance photos are always gorgeous here with the romantic dim lighting underneath the starry sky-ceiling. Seats up to 200 guests. 
  • Garden Pavilion: Have the summer wedding you’ve always dreamed of in this natural oasis. Ceremony photography looks gorgeous out here with trees, gardens, and a grecian pillar archway at the end of a grand aisle.
  • Anziani Room: Modern elegance meets traditional italian style. We love this intimate little space bursting with so much natural light for your photos. Seats between 10 – 90 people.  
  • Riverbend Inn and Vineyard: 

Website: Learn more about Riverbend Weddings

Address: 16104 Niagara River Parkway, Niagara-On-The-Lake


Photo Opportunities: Sunset photos in the vineyards, 

Catering: Farm-to-table, led by seasonal ingredients grown onsite 

Photographing Your Wedding at Riverbend Inn and Vineyard: 

On this peaceful, historic property in Niagara-on-the-Lake sits a Georgian-style inn (think “vintage mansion” meets “modern farmhouse”). We love this building, from the clean-cut lines of the neutral building, to breathtaking landscapes, to 17-acres of vineyard, you’ll have a plethora of photo opportunities from afternoon until sunset. With onsite accommodations for your out-of-town guests, the Riverbend Inn and Vineyard is a quaint, scenic spot for your countryside wedding. P.S. While a lot of people think to book summer weddings here, we love visiting Riverbend in the fall and winter as well, if you want to bring some old-fashioned Georgian Christmas-vibes to your wedding. 

  • Woodland Weddings:

Website: Learn more about Woodland Weddings

Address: 1821 Effingham Street, Ridgeville 

Seating: approx. 100 

Photo Opportunities: Forest setting, farmland sunset photos, magical forest 

Catering: Bring your own and use their on-site facilities

Photographing Your Wedding at Woodland Weddings:

If you’ve been searching for a spot to host your enchanted woodland wedding – look no further. At Woodland Weddings, you’ll find the perfect backdrop for your ethereal floral crowns, forest-themed colour palettes and outdoor wedding experience. With a private clearing in the woods to host your reception, to a pesticide-free CSA farm, you’ll have 13-acres to enjoy and explore with your guests. (The photo opportunities are endless on this natural, unspoiled land!)  

  • Hernder Estate Winery: 

Website: Learn more about Hernder Estate Weddings 

Address: 1607 Eight Avenue Louth, St. Catharines 

Seating: 2-300

Photo Opportunities: Indoor Victorian barn or outdoors on the lawn in front of a pond 

Catering: On-site chef and culinary team 

Photographing Your Wedding At Hernder Estate Winery: 

At Hernder Estate Winery, love is love and they want to celebrate it! Whether your wedding is an elopement with just you and your partner, or you want to invite 299 of your favourite people, Hernder is a great option to customize your wedding. With options ranging from rustic elegance in a barn setting or outdoors in front of a pond, or stone patio, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for your union at Herdner. One particular reason couples love getting married at a Herdner is that it’s a one-stop-shop for your wedding needs. Packages include DJ’s, linens and chairs, and they are happy to help you with coordinating your floral arrangements and officiant. 

This gorgeous property offers many backdrops for wedding photos; both refined elegance and crafty DIY show up beautifully in photos. We love the contrast of a flowy white dress in front of the stone and wood featured on site. 


When you pick one of these five Niagara gems to host your wedding, you can’t go wrong. All of these venues allow you to customize details to your unique taste, and it’s part of why they made the list. Your love story is unlike any other, and your wedding day should represent that. 

Maybe you’ve noticed a recurring theme in our blogs. We love to compile what we’ve learned in our years in the wedding industry to help make the process of planning a wedding as easy and enjoyable as possible. When you trust your vendors, love your location and feel good about your choices, how could you not have the most wonderful wedding day?! 

If you’re wanting to know more about what it’s like to have us photograph your wedding day you can book a meet and greet right here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Non Affiliation Disclaimer: Morning Light Photography is not being compensated by the venues on this list. We just want to share the amazing experiences we’ve had at these venues so our clients can be supported with first-hand recommendations along their wedding planning journey. 

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