We have heard from a ton couples that they want to have an outdoor wedding. They are so beautiful and are so much less work than an indoor wedding. Are they gorgeous? Yes! One thousand times yes! We had our own wedding outdoors at Kevin’s grandparents property so it’s safe to say we love a good outdoor wedding. The real question is, are outdoor weddings less work? Absolutely not. They are a ton of work. We’ve never shared any photos from our own wedding so we figured that this would be a super fun way to share with you what our day looked like and how it all came together.   The first thing you need to book when you’re wedding planning is your venue. We had no idea where to start. We didn’t have a huge budget since we were paying for everything ourselves and were 19 and 20 years old. We almost booked a venue we would have hated, but thankfully Kevin’s grandparents offered to let us have our wedding on their beautiful property.   The first big concern was parking. We planned on having 150-200 guests at our wedding so where were they going to park. The neighbour next door graciously allowed us to use their open field beside Kevin’s grandparents for parking. If you’re having an outdoor wedding that’s definitely something you’ll want to consider. The last thing you want is to make your elderly family walk super far to make it to your wedding.   The next step was finding a tent in case it rains. Praise the good lord that we did because the day before our wedding after we already set up all the tables, chairs, and linens it poured all day long. Our tent company also provided the tables and chairs.   Most people forget about the small details in an outdoor wedding. For the longest time we completely forgot about a dance floor. Thankfully we remembered with enough time to do something about it. We essentially built the frame of a wall, laid it on the ground and nailed cheap vinyl flooring to it. This way we had a proper dance floor where our guests could take off their shoes and dance the night away. Speaking of dances, we needed to rent speakers from the local music store since we decided to not have a DJ at our wedding.   The last big thing we needed was florals. We thought doing them ourselves was going to be easier, and cheaper. Nope! We were definitely wrong there. It turned out beautiful but it was a ton of work. Even if you buy your flowers wholesale it will still be super expensive. A good florist is worth every penny. Don’t know where to look for florists? Send us a message we’ll give you a list of our favourites!   The day came, and it was amazing. We spent it outdoors celebrating with our family and close friends. Being able to walk outside our tent and take photos in the orchards at sunset was lovely.   Overall we are so happy with how our day turned out. It cost just as much as an indoor wedding, and was definitely way more work than the average indoor wedding at a hall. You have to bring it pretty much everything, but you have total control over the look of your day. If you have any questions about how we planned our day or anything else feel free to reach out below, or you can follow us on Instagram to keep up with what we are up to regularly.  

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