Emotion-rich wedding photography is a product of passion, not just from the couple but from the photographer, too. When you are truly invested in the people and the moment, the nuance and the art, it shows. Great images aren't about rules and obligations; 
they are about heart. 

For wedding photography set to a higher standard, keep reading. 

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Six months before your wedding, I will check in monthly, so you know what to expect on your wedding day. 


First, we'll schedule your engagement shoot, and I'll share resources for great local spots if you need inspiration!


The first thing I'll do when I arrive on your wedding day is establish locations I plan to use. Then I'll pop in, say my hello's and get started on details, candids, and portraits. 


My Process

Once everyone has gone home for the night, I will import the memory cards and prepare sneak peeks. Over the next few weeks, I will edit your entire gallery and design your wedding album. 



“Kevin translated the chaos in my head into something so beautiful.”

Laura Olsen Events 

Making it Easier to Be Yourself 

Acting naturally can be hard if cameras make you feel a little nervous. Two of the greatest skills I've harnessed as a photographer is making people comfortable and knowing when to melt into the background. 

Either way, nothing makes me happier than capturing my couples fully embodying themselves.

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“Kevin was out of sight in a way that didn't make us feel like we were in front of a camera, and we got so many beautiful candid shots because of this.”

Intentionally Classic Photography

My editing style is designed to steal your breath for decades. I stick with bright, natural colours, so when you look at your wedding album, it takes you right back to that day. 


Emotion-Rich Candids

I focus on intentional composition and stay really in tune with the emotion present. In turn, I pick up on the tiny moments and details that make an image stand out. ​​​​​​​This allows me to catch the best moments of your life. 


Curated Artistry

Rather than hyper-focusing on details that aren't important to you, I prioritize capturing moments and details that matter the most. So, you end up with a deeply special gallery and feel heard throughout the artistic process. 


Top-Tier Experience 

Accommodating your needs is my top priority. If that means adding an additional stop or change of venue to capture what's important to you, so be it. ​​​​​​​ 


Maximized Celebration  

Your wedding day is about you being present with your people. I will expedite portraits and group photos to ensure you get all the images you want so you can get back to celebrating.



“​​Kevin’s energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to incredible customer service surprised me from the first interaction. Every time I interacted with Kevin, his energy was a breath of fresh air.”

Wedding Photography That Lives Up to the Hype

You deserve the love of a lifetime and the party (and wedding album) to prove it. 

I limit my schedule in order to make myself available to couples booking full wedding weekends.

My services start at 4700. 

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