4 Ways to Relax on Your Wedding Day

Be inspired by an elegant June wedding with Sam and Nick
Your wedding day should leave you with good vibes that last for days to come. Read on to see how your wedding photographer can help you protect the special moments you need to avoid extrovert-burnout on your wedding day. Sam and Nick’s swoon-worthy June wedding perfectly demonstrates four ways to make time for you and your partner on your wedding day. (Keep reading to the end to see the details of their wedding too!)



Most People Need to Pace Themselves on their Wedding Day

There are so many beautiful moments to look forward to as your wedding day approaches:
  • Being surrounded by your bridal party in matching robes
  • Gathering your groomsmen for a morning swim, driveway-basketball, golf [or fill in your sport of choice]
  • Your first kiss as a married couple
  • Your first dance under the strings of twinkle lights


But if you have even the slightest amount of introverted energy running through your veins, you’ve probably started wondering how you’ll keep up all the extroverted energy you’re going to need to make it from the start of your mimosa breakfast to the end of your midnight sparkler send-off.
Here’s the truth: You don’t have to suffer from extrovert-exhaustion in the days following your wedding. You deserve to spend your honeymoon in romantic bliss, not barricading yourself in a cruise-ship closet with Netflix, and your leftover wedding cake.

4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Energy on Your Wedding Day:


When we think back on Sam and Nick’s classic June wedding, some of the sweetest moments were when they made space for reflection, either alone or as a couple. We’ve seen these moments give couples the energy they needed to take on the rest of their big day with excitement and happiness.
Here are four ways Sam and Nick intentionally treasured moments of quiet time on their wedding day:
1. Exchanging letters before the ceremony:
Leading up to their wedding morning, Sam and Nick (and adorably, their pup Leo too) wrote letters to each other, which were delivered to the bride and groom during their morning preparations.

We captured this beautiful photo of Sam after her hair and makeup was done. She took a quiet moment to sit down under the trees, breathe in that beautiful June-morning air and read her letters. The smile on her face is all the evidence we need that some sweet words were waiting in that letter for her.
2. Finding a hidden spot to share your first look:
We’re a big fan of the first look, and Sam and Nick’s was no exception. No matter how many times the couple has imagined this moment happening in their mind, there is nothing like the emotion and magic of the moment when it finally happens. Nick and Sam found a quiet, vine-covered corner of their venue to share a romantic gaze, just between the two of them before they headed into the chapel to greet the crowd assembling there.

3. Taking a breather between the ceremony and the reception:
You’ve said “I do.”
The rings are exchanged.
The marriage certificate has been signed.
Congratulations! You’re officially married!
After you walk back down the aisle and hug your way through a long receiving line, this is exactly the time when you’re going to want another quiet moment just for the two of you. For Nick and Sam, they had access to a vintage car that they happily drove through the streets of Niagara on the Lake. They took that time to catch up, share stories from the morning and give those smiling cheek muscles a rest!
Ps. We’ve seen so much creativity from couples during this transitional time of day between the ceremony and the reception:
  • Trips to McDonald’s
  • Getting Coffee
  • Spending time alone together
  • Going for a drive 
  • Heading to your cocktail hour early


4. Basking in the sunset after dinner:
The highly sought-after sunset photos are also a good chance to get a second wind (or third, or fourth) that will carry you through the most social part of the evening – the reception! Just after dinner, we snuck out with Sam and Nick so they could have a few moments of peace together, one more time before the dance party began. It was so wonderful to watch them take in all the goodness, and reflect on this incredible day they just pulled off.



Your Day, the Way You Want:

Your wedding photography can be a guiding structure that helps you build in the moments that matter most to you during your wedding day. Remember that this is your day. As much as you want your guests to have a wonderful time, you also deserve to take a step away from the buzz and excitement to just be. You’ll leave your wedding with more love, more memories and more of that good wedding-day energy.
Wedding Profile:
Who: Nick and Samantha
When: June 8, 2019
Where: Pillar and Post of Vintage Hotels (Reception in the Upper Canada Hall Ballroom)
Theme: Classic elegance (Picture hardwood finishings, a ballroom with mirrored walls and just the perfect touches of lace)
Cocktail Hour: Featuring a signature drink served on the patio with acoustic guitar serenades
Our favourite details: Sam’s father’s vintage car, engraved cufflinks given to each father and polaroid cameras to serve as a guestbook

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