Couple Kissing in spring photoshoot in Hamilton Gage Park by Niagara Photographer


Ideas For Your Spring Photoshoot

Activities, Outfits, Locations and Tips for your Spring Photoshoot!  

Spring Photos:

March is the perfect time to start booking and planning a spring photoshoot. You’ve survived the winter! A spring photoshoot is one of the ways we and our clients like to celebrate this serious accomplishment. Planning a spring photoshoot is a great way to shake off the hibernation dust and: 

  • Soak up the sunshine
  • Breathe in the fresh air
  • Run through the grass with bare feet 
  • Let the wind blow through your freshly-cut hair (Goodbye COVID hair!) 

Let’s use some of this fresh spring energy coming our way to get extra creative and meaningful about your spring photoshoots. Whether you’re planning for engagement photos, anniversary photos, family photos, or maternity and newborn photos, we’ve got lots of great ideas here to cover all your bases. 

Couple smiling for engagement photo in spring by Niagara Wedding Photographer

Why Book a Spring Photoshoot?

It’s about that time of year when our cozy winter nights start to feel a little more like cabin fever. Anyone feeling like by March the snowfall starts to feel a little less magical and you spend most of your time dreaming of what it would feel like to walk out the door with just a cardigan on. 

Ahh, Spring. It’s a season worth celebrating with cleaning, new routines, fresh haircuts, refreshed wardrobes and of course, light and airy photos. Late April, through May and June are an excellent time for spring photos because there’s usually more sunshine and everything is in bloom. 

During the winter, especially the winter of 2021, so much of our lives happened inside, under quarantine, out of sight of our friends and family. As the warmer weather comes and our world opens back up again, we want to help you make up for lost time with some absolutely stunning photos to share with your loved ones. 

Have you started planning your spring photoshoot this year? We’ve written this blog so you can make your photoshoot planning fun, easy and super creative. Let’s get some fresh new photos off your phone, and onto your wall, your Instagram page and your album collection. 

What is Your Spring Vibe?

What comes to mind when you think of spring? 

  • A lavender field in the spring? 
  • An old English cottage in the spring? 
  • Easter brunch? 
  • Riding vintage bikes down a country road? 
  • Tea parties in the garden? 
  • Reading a book under a magnolia tree? 
  • Going for a picnic in the park?  

Do any idyllic movie scenes come to mind when you think of spring? The wedding scene in Little Women or the park scene in You’ve Got Mail? Or maybe full-blown garden party, a la Bridgerton? If so, think of what you love about those scenes – the colours? The textures? The light? The open fields or woodsy forests? 

Okay, now that we’ve sparked some ideas to set the scene, jot a few of those thoughts down and let’s get down to the details!

Spring Micro Wedding Ideas

Spring Photoshoot Tips:

First, no matter where or what month your spring photoshoot happens in, we have some general advice that we’ve learned throughout the years. Spring is a beautiful season that can come along with a few minor annoyances if you’re not prepared. 

For example:

  • Does anyone attending your shoot get really bad spring allergies? Think about what things really set them off – Grass? Certain flowers? Those floating dandelions? If the allergies are severe, then we can work together to find a place that won’t agitate all the allergy symptoms. (Also a good idea to do your usual allergy protocol beforehand, and come prepared with any creature comforts you might want) 
  • Definitely wear sunscreen — sometimes the spring can be deceiving because the temperature isn’t quite summer-hot yet, but the sun can still be really strong!
  • Bring layers – even on warm days there can be a cool breeze 
  • Depending on what location you want to go to – it might not hurt to bring boots along in case there are any puddles or mud that need to be trekked through 
  • Let’s find a location that isn’t only flowers — the flowers are incredible in the spring, but it’s also nice to have more neutral backgrounds to work with as well to emphasize you!

We always want your photoshoot to be as comfortable and fun as possible, so we’ll also let you know of any specific things we can think of depending on which location you choose. 

Choosing Your Outfit for a Spring Photoshoot:

We’ve written a couple of blogs on choosing photoshoot outfits that you might find helpful: 

You may have heard us mention this a few times now, but it’s worth repeating! When choosing your outfit(s) for your spring photoshoot, we recommend following this formula: 

 Colour + Style + Comfort = the perfect photoshoot outfit. 

Couple Walking Down Tree Lined Path At Sunset for Engagement Photos taken by Niagara on the lake photographer

Let’s break this down for spring weather: 

  • Colour – Since the colours of nature are so bright and beautiful in the spring, we recommend being especially careful to avoid bright colours in your clothing (neons, reds, bright pinks, etc.). In order to get that light and airy look, we recommend softening your photos with neutral colour palettes, and pastels (for example, dusty blues, soft pinks, beiges, whites, soft yellows and greys). 
  • Style – Now, of course, style is always going to be a personal decision, and we want you to dress like, well, YOU! But if you’ve been looking for a great excuse to get dressed up, this is your time to shine! Pull out the beautiful dresses, ties, heels and maybe even a new spring hat. And if casual is more your vibe, spring is also the perfect time for a crisp white shirt, linen skirts, denim and one of our personal faves – some brand new canvas top sneakers with jeans. 
  • Comfort: In the spring, it’s important to think about comfort for temperature, and for the weather. You want to bring layers, and even if you want to wear pretty shoes for your photoshoot, you may want to bring boots if you’re headed somewhere muddy – just in case the ground is still wet from a rainstorm!

Check out our Pinterest Board for More Wardrobe Inspo: 

Adding Some Character to Your Photoshoot:

At Morning Light, we love shooting naturally beautiful photos. Neutrals are always our go-to, and we tend to avoid a lot of props in our photos. However, we are definitely up for adding special little touches to make your photos feel as much like “you” as you want! Here have been a few of our favourite ways to add some character to your photoshoot (without going overboard on props and decor that will distract from your beautiful faces):

Couple Sitting on the ground under white blooming trees for engagement photos by Niagara Photographer
  • You could order a spring bouquet from your favourite florist and pose with it in some of your photos (we especially love this idea for some really elegant engagement photos)
  • You could order flower crowns from your favourite florist to add some sweet spring frames to your faces (we’ve found this to be really cute in family photos if you have little ones) 
  • Let them eat cake! Oh ya, whether it’s a gender reveal celebration, a baby’s first birthday photoshoot, or an engagement shoot, having a gorgeous cake on a picnic blanket makes for some very captivating photos (trust us, the look of awe on a babies’ face when they see the cake isn’t much different than the look of awe on adults’ faces when they see the cake) 
  • If you’re someone who appreciates delicious food that looks beautiful, we would highly recommend setting a simple picnic theme. A vintage picnic blanket, a wicker picnic basket and something sparkly to sip is a great way to celebrate anything – engagements, family milestones, anniversaries… you name it, and we’ll cheers to that!
  • You could even take your picnic up a notch with catered food from your favourite local chef so your food items are really photogenic. 
  • Animals! Bring your pets to a spring photoshoot because they’ll enjoy the fresh air as much as you, and animals are perfect for setting a natural, spring scene in photos. 

These are all great ways to support your local businesses as well – food, flowers, dog bandanas, hair, makeup … ordering any of these lovely touches for your photoshoot can help a small business owner near you. 

There is definitely a way to balance minimalism and adding character to your photos. After a winter of being stuck inside your house, it will feel so good to shake off some of the quarantine-clutter and enjoy the open spaces and simplicity of the outside world. We look forward to helping you bring out all the natural beauty of you and your family, while still helping you add that perfect little touch of character. 

You can always get in touch to bounce any ideas off of us!

Spring Photoshoot Ideas – Locations & Activities


Spring photoshoot tips – check! 

Spring photoshoot props – check! 

Now let’s talk about where to shoot your spring photos and what to do while you’re there! We’ve come up with a whole list of ideas that you can mix and match to find the scene that feels best for your photoshoot occasion. 

(You can also get ideas from our blog, The Most Enchanting Places in Niagara For Engagement Photos).

Couple Kissing in spring photoshoot in Hamilton Gage Park by Niagara Photographer
  • Take Your First Bike Ride of the Year: Go for a spring bike ride at The Commons in Niagara-on-the-Lake – Enjoy a lovely ride and photos on the tree-lined path, surrounded by lush greenery. Perfect for vintage-style bikes, and maybe a bike basket full of flowers. 
  • A Day on the Town: Get all dressed up, because, after months of quarantine, you finally have somewhere to go! Pull out your Easter-Sunday best and take a classy stroll through either Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake, or Jordan Village. A great scene for anyone who enjoys a more urban vibe, with that old-town character. (Plus, you’ve got some excellent cafés, gelaterias, and wineries close by for snacks afterwards!)
  • Country Farm Charm:  Do you, or does someone you know have a farm? In addition to the simple rustic details of a farm, spring can be a really cute time to have animals in photos, because of the youthful innocence they bring out in everyone– dogs, kittens, bunnies, baby chicks, horses, sheep, goats … if animals are a big part of your life, then they can be a really meaningful touch to your photoshoot scenes. (The joy on kids’ faces when they get to interact with animals is so beautiful!)
  • An Outdoorsy Hike: Trek through Balls Falls trails – Get the best of both worlds with a rugged, woodsy style hike, and end up with a cute picnic scene in their historic village area. 
  • Puppy Party at the Beach: Did you become a puppy owner during the pandemic? If that puppy has reached their 1-year milestone, we’d highly recommend a little outdoor birthday celebration at Firelane 1 in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It’s a great combination of beach and open fields so you can get two different styles in your photo collection. (Who doesn’t love to see a puppy splash through the water?!)
  • Picnic at the Park: Pack a picnic and enjoy a scenic meal at Centennial Park in Grimsby under a big weeping willow tree. A great spot for soft, whimsical photos at the base of the escarpment, where kids can enjoy the playground equipment after the shoot. 
  • Spring Orchards in Niagara: This might be one of spring’s biggest selling points – the ethereal peach and cherry orchards that burst with pink and white blooms all over Niagara. These can make for some truly breathtaking photos – if this is the scene you have your heart set on, get in touch with us so we can help you find the perfect place at the perfect time (those blossoms don’t stay long!). 
  • Vineyard Walks: And of course, for many, spring marks the start of winery-tour season! There is no better place than Niagara for photos of a lovely walk through your favourite vineyard. This is a great setting as well if you’re looking for a more refined style, as we find formal clothing shoots really well in the winery atmosphere. (We especially love sunset photos at the vineyard, and these photoshoots can work really well for engagement or anniversary photos). 
  • Easter Photos in the Garden – if you want your family Easter to feel extra special this year, we recommend getting all dressed up in your new Easter outfits for a garden photoshoot. Whether it’s the backyard you’ve turned into a garden paradise during the pandemic, or your favourite community garden to visit, these photos will bring some beautiful colour to your lives. 
Engaged Couple Sitting On The Ground At Sunset for Engagement Photos by St. Catharines Photographer


Spring is such a beautiful time to have fresh new photos taken, whether for your engagement photos, anniversary photos, family photos,maternity or newborn photos! So much of our lives have happened inside during the winter of 2021, and we want to celebrate being outside in the fresh air again. Let us know if you have any questions about the spring wardrobe, ideas, and locations we’ve mentioned in this blog. 

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