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How to Relive Your Wedding Day

At an Unveil Photo Reveal Session With Morning Light Photography

What is an Unveil Photo Reveal? 

Your wedding photography is something you’ve been dreaming of almost as much as your wedding day. These photos are the heirlooms, stories and art that will fill your home, and document this new chapter of your life. 

At Morning Light Photography, we don’t want to just drop your photos off at your doorstep or mail them to you – we think you deserve a celebration. So, we’ve introduced our Unveil Wedding Photo Reveals. These are 1-2 hour sessions dedicated to helping you relive the magic of your wedding day in our Morning Light studio, as a couple or as a group. Seeing your wedding photography for the first time should feel as exciting and special as the day the photos were taken (but don’t worry, this time we’ll do all the planning!)


A Chance to Preview Your Wedding Photos Together:

See your wedding photos for the first time surrounded by the people who were there to experience the magic with you when it happened. We love hosting Unveil sessions because they lead to so many new, beautiful memories: 

  • Behind-the-scenes stories (you’ll hear about so many amazing moments you didn’t know about at the time)  
  • A variety of perspectives (with that many more people in the room, you’ll get to hear lots of different stories as you go through the photos together) 
  • Inside jokes (it’s always surprising how many hilarious moments your wedding party shared on your special day) 
  • And hey – who couldn’t use more compliments about how gorgeous they are, right? 

This blog post is all about how we want to make you feel special, and help you choose the perfect photos for your walls, albums, and thank you cards. (We’ve written a whole blog about how to use your wedding photos here.) 

A Day to Look Forward To After Your Wedding:

After your wedding day has come and gone, it can feel disorienting without “the big day” on the horizon. But the excitement of your love story shouldn’t end after your wedding day. It’s just the beginning! And guys, there are so many great things to look forward to.

You’ve got wedding presents to unwrap, your honeymoon, new homes to decorate, thank you cards to procrastinate writing … and of course, your wedding photos to see for the first time!

We must say – watching you get married is the greatest honour of our careers, but watching you see your wedding photos for the first time is a really close second-favourite. 

It’s such a beautiful experience watching you lay eyes on your wedding day from a new perspective. Some of our couples are just as emotional seeing their wedding photos as they felt on their wedding day. When you relive your good memories at Unveil, you’ll have had time to catch your breath, process all the joy … and you aren’t worrying about whether there will be a seat at the reception for the plus-one your friend didn’t tell you about. 

You can sit back, relax and watch your breathtaking day unfold, but this time, from the comfort of our couch, and the glowy happiness of married life.

What are the moments you are MOST excited to see in your wedding photography? 

  • The look on his face when he first saw you?
  • Seeing what the flower girl and ring bearer did when they walked down the aisle? 
  • To see the candid moments you didn’t know were photographed? 

Whatever they are, we can’t wait to share them with you!


Waiting for Your Wedding Photos:  

When you book with one of our Morning Light team members, you’ll know exactly what to expect when it comes to your wedding photos. We estimate delivery dates of between six to eight weeks during the height of wedding season, and four to six weeks during the off-seasons. 

Don’t worry – we know how hard it is to wait for your photos, so we’ll send you one or two sneak peeks soon after your wedding to help ease the anticipation. (And of course, share on social media!)

But we also recommend starting to think about how you want to showcase your photos around your home, and what types of albums you and your family are interested in. 

We know our couples wait with anticipation to see their wedding photos, so we want to make it a day on your calendar that makes it all worth the wait! That’s actually why we’ve introduced our Unveil Photo Reveal Sessions – you’re not just waiting for photos, you’re waiting for memories … the art that will be on your walls, and the visuals you’ll tell stories about for decades to come. 

Seeing your wedding photos for the first time is a day that deserves its own celebration! 

How To Set Up Your Unveil Photo Reveal Session:

Here’s how it works: 

1) Book – Once your photos are ready, we’ll get in touch to book a date. 

2) Invite – Share your Unveil party with parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen flower girls… whoever you’d like! Just RSVP with your estimated number.

3) Enjoy – We’ll make it a special time you can share with your guests, and we’ll be there to help you figure out albums, prints and which pictures to choose!

Immerse yourself in the story of your wedding day again, surrounded by all the people who want to share it with you. Let us know how many people you are inviting so we can have the perfect amount of treats ready for you

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photos:

While you’re at your Unveil photo session, you’re going to have the opportunity to start creating professional prints and albums that will be around for generations to come. After walking through the ordering process with hundreds of couples, we have some advice to share that will help you pick which photos you want to make into keepsakes. 

A few things to consider before you attend:

  • Don’t get too hung up on trying to pick the “right” wedding photos – honestly, your gut is your best advisor in this session! You know what you like, and what photos bring you the most joy. Don’t let anyone tell you it has to be the perfectly-posed photos if those beautiful candid shots are the ones that bring you to tears. 
  • We love shooting your wedding as a story with a beginning, middle and happy ending. So we’ll move through your photos chronologically so you can see it as a story, and display it as a story as well. 
  • Bring photos of your home to your Unveil session (sometimes clients even bring swatches or materials to colour coordinate with) 
  • Bring measurements of your walls so you know what sizes to order
  • What style of photo do you want for your thank you cards (if you’re using a wedding photo for them) 
  • What special occasions do you have on the horizon, and how can ordering photos prints help make them extra special? (like a thank you gift to your parents for their contributions to your wedding, or maybe you have an ill family member or friend who couldn’t make it, but you’d love to surprise with a framed photo) 
  • Did Covid-19 prevent you from inviting all of the friends and loved ones you wanted at your wedding? A thoughtful printed photo might be just the thing to make them feel included in your day! 
  • Do you have some extra special thank-you’s to send to your wedding party or family members who helped you plan your wedding day? A printed photo of you with them could be a really touching way to make them feel appreciated. 


Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories:

We also encourage our couples to curate a memory box of their wedding day to accompany your photos. We love seeing how creative people get with these, and the joy it brings to them every time they open it. For example, you could preserve your wedding day memories by: 

  • Pressing and preserving your wedding flowers
  • Petals that your flower girl threw 
  • Keeping a strand of beautiful silk ribbon that was wound around your bouquet
  • Creating an elegant box of the printed materials from your day – wedding invitations, reception programs, order of service booklets, etc. 
  • A copy of your wedding menu (so you can recreate your first meal together as a married couple for a Valentine’s Day date night) 
  • This is also a great place to keep any guest books that were signed
  • Signage from your day (cute signs that were at the candy bar, or Mr & Mrs signs, etc.) 
  • Your “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” items
  • Your veil, or any other special accessories
  • Your dry-cleaned or preserved wedding dress (many of our brides decide not to preserve them so they can have fun putting it back on from time to time) 


An Unveil party gives you an extra little something to look forward to when the anticipation for your wedding day is over. It’s your chance to get everyone back in a room together to relive the experience and hear about how much fun they all had too! (It’s such a nice feeling to be reminded about what a great event you threw for everyone). We hope this blog reminds you that there are so many wonderful moments to look forward to after your wedding day has passed, and that it’s a day worth preserving – for yourselves, for your family and for any future generations you may add to your home. 

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