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What Should I Wear to My Maternity Photoshoot?

We’ve turned our favourite dresses for maternity shoots into a curated list of five popular trends. Read on to find which of these 20 outfits suits you best! 

Choosing the Wardrobe for Your Maternity Shoot:

You learned in our last blog that at Morning Light Photography, we typically recommend having maternity pictures taken at around 30 weeks. After you’ve booked your shoot, it’s time to start looking at outfits! Whether you find shopping fun or stressful, we definitely want it to be easy for you. That’s why we’ve curated our favourite maternity dresses and outfits to form this list of the top five trends we love in maternity photography. 


Maternity photos are an unforgettable opportunity to capture one of the most incredible stages of your life. When documenting this next chapter, your wardrobe choice needs to take a few things into account: how well it matches your personal style, how well it will let your bump and genuine emotions shine through, and how well it will let you move through different poses. We always welcome 1-2 outfit options, in case you can’t choose just one style!

Buying maternity dresses, or maternity clothes in general, can be expensive (as you’ve likely already discovered), so we think you should have options that provide a variety of styles and price ranges that you can also wear again throughout this pregnancy, and maybe even future pregnancies. 

The formula for Deciding Your Maternity Dress or Outfit:

Want a formula to follow? The perfect formula for choosing an outfit is colour + style + comfort = the perfect photoshoot outfit. To figure out what this formula means for you, ask yourself questions like:

  • What style feels most like me? 
  • What clothes will best show-off my bump? 
  • Does this style highlight my features or am I hiding behind this outfit? 
  • What style will match the feeling of our house, where these pictures will hang?
  • What season are we taking these photos in? Will they be indoor or outdoor? Which clothes will be most comfortable in the temperature?
  • Which clothes will feel most comfortable at 30 weeks of pregnancy?
What to wear to maternity Photoshoot

Dressing for Your Maternity Shoot:

We wanted to do the research for you so you can have a fun and easy time choosing an outfit for your maternity photoshoot! We’ve researched, curated and documented the cutest trends to incorporate into your maternity shoot wardrobe so you can decide what trend suits you best, and where you can find the best pieces. We’ve included links to the items for you to look at, purchase directly, or try to seek out a match at your favourite place to shop (or favourite closet to borrow from!)

90’s Babies

Will your child be the baby of a 90’s baby? (Or maybe there’s another decade that pulls at your heartstrings?) Do the sight of overalls, oversized-denim jackets and sneakers make you nostalgic for the 1990s? Share a bit of your youth with the baby growing inside you when you choose one of these Mary-Kate-And-Ashley inspired outfits for mama-to-be’s.

  • Whether you go for a romper, jumpsuit or overalls, these one-piece-style outfits have made a comeback, especially in maternity fashion because of the way they showcase your adorable bump. Check out these denim overalls from The Gap.
  • Denim jackets are the perfect timeless piece for any maternity photoshoot, because they never really went out of style! They show well in photos, and they add a cute and casual feel if you like your photos to feel more relaxed. We love this 90s-style denim jacket from Carry Maternity
  • Of course jeans are a staple in most maternity wardrobes, and if you feel most beautiful in a comfy pair of jeans, we love the way denim looks in photos when paired with a crisp white top. You can find reasonably priced maternity jeans at Old Navy.  
  • If you’re looking for something with a fun pattern, how about these vibrant stripes to draw attention to that growing bump of yours? The flat sneakers are the perfect touch for this simple, 90’s stripe dress from Nordstrom

Royal Babies

For the royal family fans out there, we think you should feel as special as Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle showing-off their bumps for the first time when you’re at your maternity photoshoot. We pulled together a few of these ideas, inspired by (and some pieces actually worn by!) the women of the royal family.

  • It’s all about the coats in these outfits! When Meghan Markle channelled her inner Kardashian with a trench coat in a neutral-blush palette, she captured an understated maternity-look that has glamour written all over it. Check out this maternity trench coat from Seraphine
  • This option will be extra exciting to you if you’re a Kate Middleton fan, because it was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge herself! This pearl-buttoned smart coat is a classy addition to any winter maternity wardrobe, and will add a sophisticated elegance to your maternity shoot. Cashmere smart coat available at Seraphine.
  • If you need a neutral-coloured dress to show off your bump underneath either of these coats, we really loved both of these options, giving you the option of wrap detailing or form fitting. 

 Maternity Dresses to Twirl In

We LOVE light and flowy dresses. In florals, sparkle, or just plain white … the way they float in the wind is perfection in photoshoots. This trend is perhaps the most popular choice we see in maternity shoots. There is something so stunning about the way long and flowy dresses compliment a light and airy background, especially at sunset. They’ll highlight your bump, look so elegant and feminine, while also helping you feel easy and breezy. 

We put together a full list here to give you an idea of different styles, colours and price ranges to choose from. 

4) The Snuggle is Real-Outfits

Has this been a tough pregnancy for you? You are not alone, and we want to make sure you have outfit options that are adorable, and also prioritize your comfort. These effortless options can help you feel great when nothing feels comfortable. 

  • Try a cozy linen wrap dress if you love an organic, natural look. It’s the perfect light, minimalist choice for days when you don’t want to carry anything other than your baby bump. Linen wrap dress available through Linenfox. 
  • If your favourite days are snuggly days inside the house with messy buns, we can arrange some gorgeous at-home photos in some of your favourite relax-wear, even a floral mama-to-be robe like this one from The Over Co. 
  • There is always something so striking about a black, form-fitting dress against a white background. This look makes for the most gorgeous silhouette photos. An option like this will look and feel incredible, while also requiring low preparation. Sleeveless black dress, form-fitted, from Old Navy
  • Okay, this one is great for two reasons. First, how adorable is this light and flouncy jumpsuit in an oatmeal linen? It’s easy to wear and comfy to move in. But also! You can save money by simply renting it for photoshoot day! Check it out on Rent the Runway

5) Bold Themes

If you’d love to bring a big personality to your maternity shoot, we’ve curated these options here to match the vibes you’re going for! With bold prints, bright colours and classic childhood themes, any of these outfits will make a fun statement in your maternity photos. A great way to prioritize joy in your pregnancy journey! 

  • Mama leopard and her cub: You can have fun and look classy in this long, bold leopard print dress. Other than your bump, it’s the only statement piece you’ll need in the whole shoot. Check out this midi leopard print dress here through ASOS.  
  • The “velvet”een rabbit: Naturally, we had to pull from this children’s lit classic to name the velvet trend that has now hit maternity shelves. The deep jewel-tones of these velvet wrap dresses will add a bold dimension to your photos. Take a look at velvet maternity dresses at the Gap, in teal, mauve and black.  
  • Mama, Llama Red Pajama – Okay it’s not pajamas, but it might as well be! This bold red sun dress from H&M looks like the perfect way to add a statement without sacrificing comfort. Here she is
  • Anne of Green Gables: “Puffed sleeves.” Need we say more? You will feel as excited and happy as Anne Shirley to wear this sweet maternity dress from Hatch Collection


When choosing which dress or outfit to wear for a maternity shoot, there’s no need to stress. Half the battle is deciding the overall look you want, and once you’ve decided that, we can help you pin down the details. If you need more inspiration, check out our maternity gallery to see what past clients have chosen. And if you could online-window-shop maternity outfits for days, our Pinterest board will keep the good times rolling. 

If you want to learn more about how to prepare for your maternity photoshoot, click here for a quick and easy plan. We’d love to talk to you more about saving you money with our Maternity & Newborn bundle option. Give us a shout and we can chat more! In the meantime, happy shopping! 

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