Niagara on the lake maternity photos


Fun & Cute Dates to Go On While You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy Date Ideas for Every Season

Niagara on the lake maternity photos

Do These Things Before Your Due Date

There’s a baby on the way?! Congratulations!

Here at Morning Light, we have the privilege of walking with couples as they enter each new life phase: engagement, marriage, pregnancy and growing families. It’s such an honour to have a front row seat to some of your life’s greatest adventures. 

 What joy! How exciting! 

Being so closely connected to these major milestones, we know that any change, even ones you are happy and excited about, can cause some stress. Maybe you are feeling a bit of anxiety about taking on the role of a parent for the first time. Or maybe you don’t love the newfound attention you’re getting from people (are strangers seriously still out there touching bellies?). 

Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of emotion, we know that a little intentional love and care can go a long way in resolving these feelings (or at the very least, provide a nice distraction). Your emotional state is so important during pregnancy, so we collected some great ideas on how you and your partner can make the most of these last few months before your family grows. 

This can be an extra special time to lean into the joy and anticipation you’re experiencing by finding fun things to do together and documenting them as you go along. 

Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Blog:

  • Date ideas for every season
  • Pregnancy-date ideas 
  • Ideas for a babymoon 
  • Spendy options and thrifty options 
  • How to be intentional about this time before you welcome Baby 

How To Use This Post:

Depending on what stage of pregnancy you’re in, it’s possible you will cross over multiple seasons of the year. You may also feel better during some seasons than others depending on the heat, morning sickness, or aches and pains, so listen to your body! And make any adjustments you need to feel good (because after all, that’s what it’s all about!)

Everyone deserves a good date, so we picked a couple of ideas for each season. The best part? We offer up a range of spendy and thrifty options, because sometimes you gotta treat yourself and sometimes you need to funnel your cash into the stroller, car seat, baby bath, soothers, onesies, crib… you get the idea. 

No matter which of these options you choose, you will end up with some fantastic photo opportunities as well! Snap some photos so you can show what adventures you took your baby on before they were born. 

Kurtz Orchard Maternity Photo

Let Romance Bloom in Spring

Spring Pregnancy-Date Ideas

With the hope of warm weather right around the corner, spring is filled with optimism and fresh starts. Renewal, rebirth and refresh are all words we associate with spring. Why not infuse some of that beautiful, fresh energy into your relationship? 

Spring Date Idea #1:

Take a Bouquet Making Class at The Watering Can 

What a lovely time to lean into that blossoming spring energy! Book a class at The Watering Can (or purchase one of their take home workshop kits) and get your hands dirty. Practice caring for Baby by first tending to delicate blooms. You and your partner will love working side by side as you create something beautiful for your home – maybe even for the nursery

Learning a new skill like floral arranging can even become a form of self-care when you are in the thick of motherhood. 

Dreamy maternity photos

Spring Date Idea #2:

Scout out Places You’ll Want to Take Your Child Some Day, Like  Safari Niagara 

Lions, tigers and bears? Sign me up! A trip to Safari Niagara is a great choice for a pregnant couple: it’s low key, you can wander the park at your own pace, and there are plenty of public washroom facilities for when your little angel is resting right on your bladder. 

A visit in the spring time helps ensure you avoid the scorching heat of summer. Even better? Lots of baby animals are born in the spring! According to the Farmer’s Almanac, conditions in spring are optimal for birthing and feeding young ones. But this means that between baby animals and all the kids who come to see them, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the youthful innocence that you’ll get to hold in your own arms soon enough!

Newborn Photo in Niagara on the lake

Mom-Osas On the Beach in Summer

Summer Pregnancy-Date Ideas:

Spring is delightful. 

… But have you tried summer? The bright sunshine, the “schools out for summer” vibes, the freedom to eat ice cream whenever you want? Bring it on. Use these ideas for when you need a relaxed option or a change of scenery. 

Summer Date Idea #1: 

Visit the Comfort Maple and Get a Treat

Maybe you’ve reached a stage of pregnancy where sitting in an air conditioned car while eating ice cream sounds like heaven on earth. If you’re there, we have you covered. Drive out to Pelham and visit the Comfort Maple, an NPCA site that houses what is believed to be the oldest sugar maple tree in Canada. In 1975 the tree was estimated to be between 400-500 years old! Be sure to stop at the local gelato place, Gelato Village for a treat. 

Enjoy the shade, and allow yourself to be mothered by this ancient tree. Try to soak up any wisdom it might have for you. After all, the tree has survived wars, revolutions and every single regrettable 90s trend. 

Summer Date Idea #2 

Book a Mini Getaway to the June Motel 

With their electric, fun vibe, The June Motel is where you want to be before buckling down into parenthood. There are two locations: Prince Edward County and Sauble Beach, so you can get away for a babymoon without being too far from home. A change of scenery can really help to bolster your emotional state. Plus… there’s a pool! Each room is designed to be photo-worthy, and we bet being in these beautifully styled spaces will make you feel creative and happy. 

Both Prince Edward County and Sauble Beach also have a lot of natural beauty to enjoy. Spend your days visiting local antique shops and pack a picnic to enjoy at the beach. 

Maternity photos sunset on a beach

Waiting for Your Little Pumpkin in the Fall  

Fall Date Ideas

Fall brings about comfort, warmth and reflection. As we head into a cooler season, there are still ways to enjoy the outdoors before it’s time to hibernate indoors all winter. Fall brings a generous bounty of foods (think apples, brussels sprouts, squash, broccoli, potatoes), making it easy to throw together sheet pan dinners or prepare some freezer meals for when Baby arrives.

Throw on your comfiest sweater, rock those maternity leggings and head out for some fall fun! 

Fall Date Idea #1:

Enjoy Some Friendly Competition at Brock Mini-Putt 

This would be an early-fall idea before most courses close over Thanksgiving, but it would be a nice option to get a little light exercise without the sweltering hot sun beating down on you and your pregnant belly. 

If you read the words “mini-putt” and are instantly filled with visions of trying to direct a ball into an oversized clown’s mouth, we are here to ease your mind. This course is basically like mini putt for adults (though kids are welcome too!). Think beautifully manicured lawns, water features and brick pathways… a very photogenic location for a pregnancy date. 

A visit to Brock mini putt is an easy way to reconnect with your own inner child. Spend an afternoon being playful with your partner, or challenge them to competition (with prizes for the winner, of course!). 

Fall Date Idea #2: 

Visit Howell’s Pumpkin Patch 

How could we suggest fall date ideas and not include this Niagara institution? Howell’s Pumpkin Patch features rows and rows of every kind of pumpkin you can imagine. They also serve up the perfect fall snacks to accompany your visit. Stroll the rows decorated with twinkle lights, and challenge each other to pick out a pumpkin that best suits your partner. 

Maternity Photo with lots of greenery

Oh Baby! It’s Cold Outside

Winter Date Ideas

If you are a person who loves the sunshine and outdoors, winter can be a challenging time. It can help to have fun dates planned so you have something to look forward to, even when you’ve just put on a third sweater. 

Winter Date Idea #1:

Visit the Winter Festival of Lights 

Take a drive down to Niagara Falls and walk or drive through the Winter Festival of Lights. An enchanting Niagara tradition, this free event features more than 3 million lights on display every year. Picture a larger than life illuminated gingerbread house, a romantic light tunnel and even Noah’s Ark! 

The plan: grab your favourite hot drink and head to Niagara Falls. You can walk or drive through the displays at your own pace. If you decide to walk, be sure to bundle up, it can be extra cold down by the water!

Plus, this might be the start of another holiday tradition that will carry on when your baby arrives. 

Winter Date Idea #2:

Book a Couple’s Massage

You are working hard growing a human – you deserve a massage. Have your partner join you and let yourselves be taken care of for a couple hours. There are so many wonderful options for spa experiences. Many places are able to cater to pregnant women by using a special table or pillows that accommodate your growing belly. 

Massage during pregnancy has a lot of benefits, including reducing back and leg pain, lower stress levels and improved sleep.  Choose a local spot for an afternoon, or treat yourself to a little get away and escape to beautiful Collingwood for a special pregnancy pampering package

(Or it just so happens that some of our favourite wedding venues offer really amazing spa services). 


No matter what date idea you are drawn to, the purpose behind them is to spend some intentional, quality time with your mate before life changes. You’ll remember this special time long after you’re holding your precious little one, so it is worth making a plan. 

So much of pregnancy is looking ahead to the next milestone. Each trimester feels like an achievement, and watching your baby grow and develop can be so exciting. But we encourage you to spend time in this current moment. Journaling can be a meaningful practice during this time. 

We love the post Alex Cerball put together about journaling during pregnancy. Some prompts to get you started are: 

Today I feel grateful because _________ . 

This happened today, _______, and it made me feel. 

I want to remember this moment forever because _________. 

I learned something new about myself today, and it made me feel _____. 

We learned that _____ makes us feel _______.

Headed out for date night? Let us know what option you choose over on instagram!

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