How To Relax on your wedding day


5 Tips for an Introvert on their Wedding Day

5 Tips for an Introvert on their Wedding Day

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Your wedding day… 

Being surrounded by all your favourite people…

Getting to be the centre of attention for an entire day…

Declaring love for your best friend in a speech in front of all your friends and family…

A dream come true – right?! 

Well for those of us who consider themselves extroverts, yes, absolutely! Let’s get this party started! 

But, if any of the above sounds more than a little intimidating to you…

Guess what? You are not alone.

In fact, it’s estimated that up to 71% of our population consider themselves introverted in nature. And here at Morning Light, we appreciate just how daunting a wedding day can feel to anybody this way inclined.

Niagara on the lake wedding photos

Be honest with us for a moment.

If you’ve ever dreamt of skipping the wedding day so you can just get on and spend the rest of your life with your best friend (!) then we want to let you in on a secret:

This is your day, too!

And when given consideration ahead of time, your wedding day can actually allow for so many personalised, sacred moments alone with your bride or groom that ensure you’re able to regain allthe energy you need to embrace each aspect of the celebration with open arms! 

The key? 

Plan these moments into your photography timeline. That way, you’ll know they’re protected, and you’ll be able to anticipate them throughout the day right up until the final send off. 

Bride & Groom Standing Together looking at the camera at Club Roma Wedding by Niagara Photographer

(Plus, many couples tell us that these are the moments they remember most fondly amidst the blur of celebration – so don’t miss out on them!)

Here, we’ve compiled our 5 Top Tips to ensure your wedding day really does feel like yours. We’d call these ‘survival tips’, except that we’re genuinely confident even the most reserved of us can truly enjoy their special day! Don’t believe us? Read on!

Exchange letters before the ceremony 

In the lead up to your wedding, why not take some time to write a note to your fiancé that will be delivered during the time of morning preparations? Imagine, the big day has arrived, and amongst all the excitement of getting ready you step outside into the fresh air and take a deep breath as you read over a few sweet words from the one you can’t wait to marry. This experience can be really calming and reassuring – easing the sense of anticipation building ahead of the long-awaited ceremony.

Bride reading a love letter in the garden at Pillar & Post

Plus, if reception speeches are intimidating to you, why not use this as an opportunity to share some heartfelt words with the love of your life, away from the crowd?

Choose a hidden spot for your first look

We’re a big fan of the first look! No matter how many times a couple has imagined this moment happening in their minds, there’s nothing like the emotion felt as it finally happens – there they are! Your glowing bride/husband-to-be! Find a quiet, shady spot to share a romantic gaze just between the two of you, before heading to greet your loved ones gathering at the ceremony space.

Take an extended breather between the ceremony and reception 

You’ve said “I do.”

The rings are exchanged.

The marriage certificate has been signed. 

Congratulations! You’re officially married!

After you walk down the aisle and hug your way through a long receiving line, this is exactly when you’re going to want another quiet moment just for the two of you. If you’ve hired a car for the day, why not take a little cruise through the streets as you make your way towards your reception venue? Use this precious time to catch up, share stories from the morning and give those smiling cheek muscles a rest!

Pillar & Post Wedding Photos

We’ve seen a lot of creativity from couples during this transitional time of day between the ceremony and reception:

  • Going for a drive
  • Getting coffee
  • Trips to McDonald’s (!)
  • Heading to your cocktail hour early
  • Taking a stroll at your reception venue

We love these moments. It’s so fun for us to get to capture the sense of joy and ‘disbelief’ that this is the day you’ve dreamt of for so long! Yes – it’s really happening!

Plan your speech 

Have you felt like the pressure’s on for your wedding speech? As if there’s an expectation you’ll be witty, yet sincere and romantic all at once?! Well, here’s our advice. 

Just. Be. Yourself. 

Bride & Groom laughing while giving speech at wedding reception at White Oaks in Niagara on the lake by St. Catharines Photographer

You’re in a room full of people that love you. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your words short, sweet, and simple. Most people like to use this opportunity to thank those who helped bring this dream-y day together, and if you can only manage to say a word or two about the lovely new husband/wife (how surreal!) sat beside you – then make eye contact as you do. They’ll know that what you’ve said is sincere, and from the heart.

Bask in the sunset after dinner 

The highly sought-after sunset photos are also a good chance to get a second (or third, or fourth?!) wind that will carry you through the most social part of the evening – the reception! Just after dinner, sneak out for a few moments of peace together before the sun sets and the dance party begins. We often see couples really relaxing in this time as they reflect on the incredible day they just pulled off?! The golden hour light and sense of relief make for truly beautiful photos.

Bride & Groom facing each other at sunset photos in Jordan Ontario by Niagara Wedding Photographer

Your day, the way you want: 

Remember: this is your day. 

Use your wedding photography as a guiding structure to help you design a wedding day that you’ll cherish forever

We know how important it is to you that your guests have a wonderful time, but we also know that you deserve to take a step away from the buzz and excitement to soak it all in for yourselves. And we hope we’ll get the honour of capturing the joy as you do so!

If you’re want to see what Weddings at Pillar and Post look like you can click here.  

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