How to Pose For Your Engagement Photos

Sure-fire ways to love the way you look in your engagement photos! 

The time around your engagement can feel like you’re walking on air. 

The proposal was beautiful, it fit your unique love story perfectly. You feel so in love and excited for your future. We couldn’t be happier for every couple feeling like that right now. 

But after the excitement of the proposal settled down, you may have felt a roller coaster of emotions: 

  • I can’t wait to start planning! 
  • Ohh I hope that photographer I like is available 
  • Booked and blessed!
  • Shoot.. I hope we don’t look awkward in those photos 
  • Google ”how to look good in engagement photos” 
  • Google what should I wear??
  • Decide where to take your engagement photos 

Doubtless, there is a lot to do to plan a wedding. But when it comes to your engagement and wedding photography, there is no need to stress! You’ve landed in the right place. 

As wedding photographers, we’ve heard so many beautiful stories of how couples have met. 

Things like:

  • ”We used to vacation at the same camp grounds as children, but then met at our first job when we were 18.” 
  • ”He actually lived up the street from me, but I never met him until going away to university” 
  • ”We were introduced by my sister; they had been friends for years before we met!” 

Your love story is unique, and your photos should help you tell that story in a way that is authentic to you! 

What If I Feel Uncomfortable In Front of the Camera?

We’ve all seen examples of engagement photos that we definitely don’t want. Maybe you’re worried about how your photos will look: 

  • Will they be cheesy? (we’ve all laughed at the Buzzfeed compilations…)
  • Will I look awkward?
  • Do engagement photos even matter? 

You are entirely deserving of having engagement photos that you absolutely adore. And with the right photographers, swoonworthy engagement photos are something you will get. Usually bad photos happen because couples are feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable, so they follow advice they normally wouldn’t. 

It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit unsure when starting the engagement photo process. While this will likely not be the first photos you’ve taken with your partner, it might be your first professional photo shoot. If you aren’t used to spending time in front of the camera and don’t love being the centre of attention, it’s normal to feel a little shy. 

The problem is, feeling uncomfortable usually comes through in photos. So, how can you feel more relaxed as you head into your photoshoot? Doing a little bit of prep work (like, say reading a blog about posing) is a great way to begin!

How to Look Good on Camera 

One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer is easing our clients through the transformation from camera shy to “oh, a camera? Hi!”  Remember, it is so important to us that you love your photos! We will do everything we can to make sure you feel great during your photoshoot – which includes helping with posing, offering gentle instructions, giving suggestions on what to wear, recommending gorgeous locations for the shoot, and positioning you in the most flattering lighting. 

When you read over this post, be sure to pay attention to the poses that speak to you. Maybe you want a deeply romantic, loving theme. Or maybe a playful photoshoot is more your speed. You’ll find poses for both types, plus more, below. 

Buckle up love birds, we’re going to find you some poses that feel great! 

15 Poses For Your Engagement Photo Shoot 

The Walk Toward 

This “pose” is a sure fire way to feel great about your engagement photos. Adding movement will quickly make your photos feel more casual and natural. Plus, your walk will be like a built-in fan to create that gorgeous wind-strewn hair. 

Pucker Up

Soon enough, you’ll hear the words “you may now kiss the bride”. But for now, sharing a sweet kiss is a classic engagement photo pose. This kind of pose helps you capture the madly-in-love vibes that really make engagement photos stand out. 

Come a Little Closer 

Not quite up for a full on kiss? That’s okay! Line up with your partner and press your foreheads together. Think of it like that magical few seconds before a kiss. You know it’s coming, and you get to just live in that in-between space between your previous life as singles, and your life together as a married couple. It will look like your photographer caught a special candid moment between you two. So sweet! 

The Dip

A look is exchanged, the music swells, birds sing, and your beloved holds you tightly as you lean back. Want to turn your engagement shoot into a romance novel? Try the dip pose! It will add some drama to your shoot, but without feeling cheesy. *Bonus: you can extend your leg out and look like an absolute vision!

I’ve Got Your Back 

That’s all we really want in a partner, right? Someone to have your back no matter what? This pose is a winner because it’s a stance you’ve probably been in hundreds of times, so it will feel comfortable. Plus, both of your beautiful faces will be in the photo! You can practice while one of you is cooking or working. For an extra sweet touch, when your partner is hugging you, close your eyes for a few seconds and think about how good it feels. The look on your face will be priceless.

The Piggy Back Ride 

Gorgeous, romantic, playful. If these adjectives are appealing to you, then you’ll want to include a piggy back ride in your engagement photos. This pose is simple but infuses such a sweet essence into your photos. Jump on your partner’s back (or have them jump on yours) and then walk towards the photographer. *Bonus: whisper something you love about your partner into their ear. You’ll love the look of genuine emotion on their face! 

You Belong Among Wildflowers 

You’ll love how you and your partner look when you’re nestled up in a field of gorgeous flowers. A great photographer will have plenty of locations in mind to make this happen. At your location, sit side-by-side in the field. Have one leg straight and the other bent, with your knee on the ground. Have your partner loop their arm through yours, and whisper their best joke into your ear. You’ll both relax into a completely natural pose. 

Love You Fur-Ever

Your dog is a part of your life, so why not make them a part of your engagement photos? Pack up some dog essentials (water, treats, doggie bags…) and head to your photoshoot. This is a great time to include a prop, like a letter board with your wedding details, to place alongside your pup. This makes a great save-the-date photo card too! (Especially if you plan on incorporating your pup into your wedding!) 

Stop and Stare (at that ring!!) 

When you have a ring as gorgeous as yours, it needs to make it into the photos! This is a classic engagement shoot pose. Place your hand on your partner’s shoulder, and hold each other for a few moments. Your photographer can choose to zoom in on the ring, or pull back and include your lovely faces in the background of the shot. 

Hand in Hand

You’ve probably heard it many times before, but the best relationships are rooted in deep friendship. This sweet pose demonstrates the loving friendship that will carry you through your many years together. Holding hands can also be a chance to bring attention to your ring in engagement photos, without it being only a photo of your ring. 

Feeling Bubbly 

We hope that you’ve taken time to properly celebrate this exciting time, but if not, your engagement photo shoot can be a beautiful time to pause and reflect. And every celebration is better with some bubbly! Bring along a couple glasses and your favourite sparkling drink. Pop the bottle and toast to this joyful time in your life. This is also a photo you can recreate at your wedding, which would make a nice side-by-side pairing. You’ll love the natural smiles that come along with an overflowing glass of champagne. 

Snuggle Bugs

The pose that captures the warmth of a long term relationship. You guys are past the awkward first date vibes, and have moved on to the coziest partnership. You have the kind of love where you feel most natural around your partner, cheek against his shoulder, with his arms around you. Is there anything better? 

Get Up Offa That Thing 

And dance ‘till you feel better! James Brown was spot on with this advice. Sometimes the tension of wedding planning can weigh us down a bit. But is there anything better than dancing with your partner? Whether you pick a slow dance or cool jam, you’ll love how your dancing photos look. These shots will add some movement to your photos, almost as if you’re practicing for your wedding. So fun! 

Outfit Check 

How often are you in full hair, makeup and styled wardrobe? You’ll love having some detail-shots of your full look. For a man, this can be as simple as looking off to the side, while you adjust your sleeve or cuff links. For a woman, it can be a focus on the perfect shoes you picked. Either way, this style of photo adds some refinement to your engagement album

Star of the Show 

Yes, it’s your engagement photoshoot. But it is also the perfect time to get solo shots of the both of you. This is the photo your partner will use when he says “this is my future wife”. Solo shots can be the perfect time to infuse your individual identity into the photo. Maybe you are the playful one of the pair, and you want to act a little silly for your photo. Maybe your partner feels most at peace by water, so a photo of him looking out onto the waves makes sense. You’re the star of the show, you get to decide! 


With your wedding on the horizon, engagement photos are the perfect way to mark this special time. Whether you’re holding out for a big bash, or love the idea of an intimate wedding, you have an exciting journey ahead of you. But, don’t forget to make the most of this time together with date nights and fun adventures beyond wedding planning! Your engagement can be such an incredibly rich time to deepen your relationship and navigate challenges together. There is some great advice out there about how to deepen your relationship during the engagement season of your life. In the meantime, choose any of these poses for your engagement photoshoot and you’ll love the end result! 

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