5 Memorable Ways to Use your Wedding Photos

How To Make Your  Wedding Day Bliss Last Longer Than Just One Day

You spend months, sometimes even years, planning your wedding day. All that time and energy results in one blissful, fun, romantic day … and then it goes by in a flash!

When we talk with couples after their wedding, we often hear them say their wedding day feels like a blur. Sometimes they’ve even forgotten parts of it! 

That’s exactly why wedding photographers are there – to help you relive the best moments of your special day for years to come. We know you want all your hard work to outlive your wedding day. That’s why we came up with 5 ways you can revisit your wedding day so that the joy stays with you for your whole life. 

We’ve put this list together so you can make the most of your wedding photography investment: 

  • Create wedding albums

Imagine the moment when you’re sitting with your spouse in your new home, flipping through an album of wedding memories for the first time. Now imagine showing your friends, your future children… and maybe your future grandchildren. You will remember the happiness, the moments and love you felt every time you look through your wedding album together or show it to someone else. 

  1. Create a parent album

For upcoming birthdays and Christmas presents, the best gift you can give your in-laws and parents is a photo album of your wedding day. They want to be able to bring an album of beautiful, professional photography wherever they go so they can show your beautiful wedding day to their friends. Help them remember the pride and adoration they felt when they saw you marrying the love of your life. 

  1. Prints for your home

There is nothing like the moment you put the last photo on your collage wall, take a step back and admire your work – not just of the collage wall, but of the extraordinary wedding day you two were able to pull off together and the life you’ve begun to build together. They’re a perfect focal point in your interior design (and on the busy days when your paths might not cross – the happy face of your spouse on your wedding day can be the first one you see when you walk in the door). 

Plus – remember our warning about not putting ALL your faith in technology. 

  1. Thank you cards

When you send words of gratitude to your guests, they really want to see a picture of you from that day. They want to see your happy face and your romantic gaze at each other – people love, love! There are so many quick and easy ways to upload your favourite photo to a card template and order a bunch to send to people!

  1. Send as thank- you gifts to the wedding party: 

Let’s be honest – everyone loves to see photos of themselves! When you’re mailing out your thank you cards, include a few print photos of anyone who was part of your special day. This is especially true for immediate family and anyone who was in the bridal party. If you had any guests who ended up in some awesome pictures, you will definitely want to send a few of them along with your thank you cards as well. 

Wedding Photography Albums

Remember, wedding photography has a purpose far beyond social media posts. While social media is a lovely way to share photos with friends and family, it can’t truly capture the timeless feeling of your wedding day, and the love you two share. Contact us for more information about how to capture lasting memories of the beautiful day you planned to celebrate your love! 

Order your wedding album today. 

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