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Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Hair & Makeup

We know how important it is to have the perfect hair and make up for your wedding day. That’s why we sat down with Ashton from Beyoutiful Brides to find out everything you need to know about your wedding hair and makeup. Below you can see all the questions we asked and when in the video they are answered.

What are some of the biggest problems brides having during hair and make up for their wedding?

Some of the biggest problems brides have during the day with their hair and makeup would be we can’t control the weather. That is the biggest thing. So definitely making sure that we are using the right products for the day of really getting to know that client, to make sure, you know, we know their hair and their skin type. So we’re using the right products for that. So a lot of times the weather, if it’s humid, hair can fall, and it can drop. So maybe you suggesting that they go for an update instead of going down because the crumble falls out more. So we definitely try to make a solution so that their style lasts from day to night with some of the biggest problems would be there are a lot of companies out there. 

How do you find a wedding hairstylist and makeup artist?

So it’s best to do your research. I definitely think checking out their website and going through their social media platforms to kind of narrow it down to maybe a certain style or a certain look that you’re going for, because we all kind of have our own techniques that we use and narrowing it down and then inquiring with maybe like your top three companies, because there are so many of us out there, it’s kind of hard.

Is social media a good place to find a makeup artist for my wedding?

It can be overwhelming sometimes. So I definitely feel like with. I mean, social media could go either way. It’s very helpful. But it also can be very in the makeup and hair industry. It can be very overwhelming because they see these looks and people have this idea. Right. And sometimes we have to try to we tell them to just basically bring their best, their most favourite inspirations and then recreate that look, cater it to their specific needs so it can be very overwhelming. I definitely think doing their own research, they have to do a little bit of work. 

What are some mistakes that brides have made after the wedding?

I definitely this kind of comes into play of doing the research again. I mean, definitely looking for people that have experience in the wedding industry. Most of the girls I worked for, the team, we all have 10 plus years of experience. So I definitely think that doing your research to find girls that had the expertise, the experience, because afterwards they’ll just kind of be like, oh, like I booked this new girl. 

I know cost comes into play a lot with hair and makeup. And so they’ve been maybe with like a cheaper option, someone that doesn’t have as much experience and their hair completely fellow and, you know, the products they use weren’t on either swept through for waterproof. So I definitely would hear that. They say, you know, they did maybe like cheap out on their hair and makeup and it didn’t last all day from them. That’s definitely the key thing here is it didn’t last all day.

Are those mistakes avoidable?

Yes, I definitely think they are. By doing your research and looking for people that have experience in the industry. So on our Web site, we actually have like bios of all of our team. So you get to really know the girls. You can even choose ones, if you like, before. So you could say, oh, look, I love it. I really love Victoria’s work. I’d like to work with her on my wedding day. It gives you a bio of all the experience that Victoria has and how long she’s been in the industry. 

How far in advance should brides put their hair makeup?

Right away, we book anywhere from a year to two years in advance. We don’t take on too many weddings. For one day we’ll do maybe two or three popular dates. Spoke up really fast. So I definitely kind of tell them once you’ve done your research narrowed down, it’s best to kind of secure your date, signed a contract, give you a deposit and it is safe and secure. We do get a lot of Last-Minute inquiries, actually. They’ll go to another company. They were happy with the trial. They’ll come back to us even after they’ve already inquired. I do think it’s definitely good to go with a company that’s has a lot of experience and a lot of weddings under their belt because we try to make it as seamless and as smooth as possible for brides so that it’s not stressful. It shouldn’t be stressful.

What should you look for in a wedding hairstylist and makeup artist?

It’s got to be fun. We try to make it as easy as possible for them when looking for a hairstylist and makeup artist for your wedding. Definitely do your research and try to find the companies that are that have staff working for them that are experienced and definitely can achieve the look brides desire.  It’s such an important day you waited for so long. You want to look your best. You want to know that you don’t have to stress about your hair and makeup on your wedding day. 

How should a bride set her expectations for her wedding makeup?

I’d like to tell them to keep an open mind because of Pinterest, Instagram. Unfortunately, a lot of people like to use filters and, you know, Photoshop. So please come with an open mind so that we can recreate your own idea of that for you to cater to your looks specifically. So it’s great to come in with some info, photos, and then we’ll kind of work off of that and create your most desired look. That’s our number one goal, is to create the bride’s desire, look to make sure she’s happy and she still feels like herself on her wedding day. 

Why should a bride hire a hair and makeup company for her wedding day?

 We know the products and we have the skill and technique to create the look that’s gonna last all day for you. Not everybody knows how to use certain products. I mean, we’re layering people. You may feel like we’re layering and layering on the product, but it’s actually just the technique and the steps that we have to take to make sure that look is gonna last you from day to night. It’s also important to have a unified look because some people will either not do their hair or not do their makeup, and it does show in photos. You can see something might look a little out of place. So we do try to encourage everybody to get their hair and makeup done. If they if they can. I know costs does play a factor. However, you can notice a difference. You don’t think you can, but you can definitely notice the difference. 

When should a bride book her makeup trial for her wedding?

We suggest booking your trial for about two months before your wedding day. If it needs to be booked earlier, that’s fine. But it just keeps it fresh in your memory instead of booking it. No. Six, seven months in advance, you kind of forget what it looks like. So you get an idea. We also suggest to if you’re doing like your engagement photos, that’s a good time to do it. Or your bridal shower. That’s also a good time just to see how it wears throughout the day and photos, because that’s when you’ll really notice. You’ll see the difference when you’re looking at photos of yourself.

How does the bride choose hair, makeup style? 

Definitely using social media as inspiration. We even suggest going on our own Instagram because you can see a lot of the work that we do there. Choose a style that you’d be happy with for the day off. And then a lot of brides use like Pinterest. Again, we say keep an open mind with that, because, you know, sometimes they’re coming to have blonde hair and they’re showing us a look with brown hair or vice versa. So we really tried to specifically cater that look to the bride and her desire look and what will work best with her hair and her skin types.

When should the bride be ready to get her hair and makeup done on the morning of her wedding day?

The timeline for the wedding day, we base it off of their finish time, basically. So we’d like to give about an hour per person per service, and we never do the bride at the very end or the very beginning. We kind of leave her middle so that it’s still fresh and she’s ready to go before kind of the madness happens. If we find we leave her till the end, you know, photographers arrive. Things are getting a little busy, a little hectic. So we like to have her ready so that she’s ready to go and to get dressed or if she needs to run off and do anything. So we’d like to leave her till the middle becomes more stressful when we meet the bride to the end. I mean, sometimes it does happen, but we try to at least have one or other thing done.

Do brides pay for their bridal party or their own services?

Typically the bride usually pays for her own service and then the bridesmaids and bridal party members will pay for their own services. I have had brides ask me if they should pay for their own just their own services or pay for the whole bridal party? I mean, obviously that’s their decision. But I do suggest, getting them to pay for their own hair and makeup. You could pay for their eyelashes or something is like a little treat for them. But definitely, I think they should pay for, you know, a portion of it or if she wants to pay for their hair service or something like a treat as part of their gift. But I do always find it that the bridal party does pay for their own hair and makeup. So should you tip your hair and makeup artist for your wedding day? It’s always appreciated.

Should a bride tip her wedding hair and makeup company?

You know when you go to a salon and you tip your artists. I know it’s a little bit different because we’re coming to them. So sometimes people will kind of forget, like, oh, they are so providing a service for us. You know, I do let them know gratuities are included in the fee and it is really up to them to decide if they do, too. It’s always appreciated to know that you did a good job. That is a tricky question because we’ll even get people to ask us. They’re like, oh, do we tip you? I always say “it’s totally up to you”.

How should a bride communicate with her makeup artist if she has a vision for how she wants to look?

Feel free to always send us looks. You can always email us if you like. So for makeup, brides either really do have their look they all down or they don’t. They have no idea. They’re not sure. I totally get it. It can be a confusing process because it’s your wedding day and you want to make sure you’re having, like, the best look that also feels like yourself. It can be a little confusing. Our number one goal is making sure that the bride is happy. Having a second trial is also always an option, too, because sometimes, they do choose an up to and then they decide they want their hair down. So definitely communicating us with us through email or even social media, sending us a picture that you saw of work that we liked, even beforehand to let us know is good, too. A lot of the time brides just come up the day off and they’re like, here are my photos, this is kind of what I was the vibe I was going for.

How should a bride communicate with her makeup artist if she doesn’t have

a vision for how she wants to look?

I find our job to nail down exactly what the bride is and isn’t comfortable with. So they come to me and they’re like, you know what? I have no vision. Just do your thing. You’re the pro. This is when it’s my job to ask her the question. So I ask, what don’t you like? What don’t you like? Do you not like eyeliner? Do you not like this colour blush? So it’s we really have to cater to what she does like and what she doesn’t like. So finding out what she’s comfortable with and then going from there. Also asking kind of through the process, sort of going step by step, you know, are you comfortable or do you like this? So it’s easier for us to add products than take away. So kind of going through the steps with her to help her feel so comfortable and still feel like herself on her wedding day. A tip for a bride for if they don’t usually wear makeup.

What’s a tip you have for a bride who doesn’t normally wear makeup but wants to for her wedding day?

That’s kind of a gamble. We would ask them how comfortable you are with makeup, what kind of coverage do you like? If you like natural coverage, no problem, we’ll give you something a little bit more sheer. It’s really finding out and asking the client what she’s comfortable with and really getting to know what is going to make herself feel her best. We do try to let them know, we do have to do certain steps to make it look good for your wedding and your photos and make sure it’s going to last all day for you. We still have some steps that we don’t like to skip, but definitely making sure that she’s still going to feel herself and to feel comfortable is really important to us. So I’m just finding out all the key things that she will and will not make her happy. We bring everything that you could possibly think of to achieve the life that we need to.

Does a bride need to provide her own makeup or will you bring everything she needs?

We do have some clients, though, that are particular and certain products that they like or the way that they do things. So no problem. If somebody is like, please use this lipstick on me, we can do that for you. You know, I really like this foundation. I might break out. Can you use mine? No problem. We will do anything to make you happy and look and feel your best. That is our number one goal, is that when you leave, you look and you feel you know, you feel the best version of yourself when you are looking to book your hair and makeup.

Anything else that brides should know about getting their hair and makeup done for their wedding?

Don’t take it lightly. Do your research for it. Because like I said, we all have our own skills, our own style. You want to make sure that that person does have the experience and knowledge of knowing we work rides every single weekend. You know, we have 100 plus brides making sure we’re using the correct products to know that that look is going to last all day for them.

We hope that this has been super helpful for you! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out through the contact form. You can keep up with what we are up to on Instagram . We are always here to help. You can connect with Beyoutiful Brides through the links below.




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