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Our Response to the COVID-19 Crisis: Keeping Our Clients Top Priority


If you have had to postpone your wedding or are facing the difficult decision of rescheduling your 2020 or even 2021 wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want you to know that as your photographers, we are here for you. We are ready to honour the decision you make. To us, honouring your decision means that we will not be charging our clients to reschedule their bookings with us. Please read on to learn more about our pandemic plan, and how we can best support you during this time.



Let’s Face the Uncertainty Together:

Since the pandemic and social lockdown was declared in late March, we’ve all been waiting and watching as the rules around social gatherings tightened, and the list of “essential services” shortened. With still no clear idea of when these social gathering bans will be lifted for weddings to operate safely again, we felt it was time to share our current plan for navigating the COVID-19 crisis together with you. 

We completely understand how overwhelming this all feels. You’ve put so much work into planning your wedding and the thought of having to reschedule the day you’ve been counting down to in anticipation comes with so many emotions. Not to mention, every decision you now have to make is layered with all the complexity of social isolation, pandemic protocols and an unknown timeline. 

We get it, and please know that we are holding the weight of these decisions with you. It’s too much for any of us to hold on our own right now. We also believe that the life you are building together as a couple can continue to flourish during this time, no matter what.


Our Pandemic Plan for You: 

Right now, you are probably finding yourself in one of two situations: 

  1. Hanging Tight: If you have not yet been told by your venue to reschedule your wedding, we recommend following the advice of your venue and wedding planner to hold that date until further notice. Continue planning until told otherwise!
  2. Wrapping Your Head Around Rescheduling: If you’ve been forced to reschedule, or if it gets to the point that rescheduling your wedding day is the safest and most respectful decision you can make for yourselves and your loved ones, we support you in that decision. We want you to know that we’ll be there with you on a new day, at no extra cost.

If you find yourself in situation #2 and have to reschedule your wedding, here’s the plan:

Pandemic Plan if You’re Rescheduling Your Wedding: 

  1. Let’s Chat: Have peace of mind that if you decide to reschedule your booking with us, we will not be charging cancellation fees. As long as we can find a date that works for you and our team as well, we’ll be there with you at no extra charge.
  2. Reschedule Your Wedding Date: Connect with us so we can find a date that works for you and our team within the next 365 days (ie. as long as it happens between 2020 and 2021). *We expect these dates will book very quickly, so please connect with us as soon as possible to find your opening.

Let’s Keep Planning: We remain just as excited as ever to photograph your wedding day! If you have any questions along the way, as always, don’t hesitate to connect with us. Also if you’ve had any other vendor cancellations due to the pandemic, let us know and we’d be glad to help connect you with our list of preferred vendors. 

Rescheduling vs. Cancelling:

We know that the questions are piling up daily from your guests, asking you what you’re going to do about your wedding. It’s probably been difficult to find consistent advice because there are so many unknowns…

To emphasize again:

If you have currently received the “green light” from your venue to plan around your original date, we recommend sticking with that for now. Don’t reschedule yet. Drop us a line if you need to talk this out with us though! 

However, if you have been told by your venue that your wedding will not be able to operate this year on your original date, we would strongly recommend rescheduling your wedding – not cancelling it. If you cancel, you’ll be losing all the time and energy you’ve spent planning your wedding so far. Don’t leave your future-self with the task of starting from scratch with new vendors and new plans. If you begin an open line of communication with all of your vendors as soon as possible, then you’ll likely be able to reschedule most if not all of them for a new date in the future. 

If you’ve already rescheduled and confirmed your new day with us and your vendor, but need to replace vendors who couldn’t reschedule, please let us know! We’ve worked with many incredible people in the wedding industry for five years and would be so glad to connect you with the best talent this industry has to offer. 

During these times where limits have been imposed, there are always creative solutions.

For example, you could consider rescheduling your wedding to a weekday in order to get access to all your favourite vendors (if they’re already booked up for 2021 weekends when you have to reschedule). Reach out if you have any questions or want to bounce that idea off of us!

Our Promise: 

At the end of the day, we’re ready to rise to the occasion. Here’s our commitment to you: 

  • To work together to arrange beautiful photos of your wedding no matter what day it happens on. 
  • To continue working hard to support you with connections, resources and encouragement during this time. 
  • To wait with you in hope and anticipation for your beautiful wedding day, because taking photos of your weddings is our favourite thing we do.

We’re in this with you friends. 

Let’s “virtual cheers” now, knowing that we are counting down the days until we can celebrate you with a proper toast on your wedding day. It will arrive.

All our love, 

The Morning Light Team

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