We mean, wedding photos are the reason you’re here right?

We could write something really sappy about how much we love, love but that’s not really our style. What we do love is hanging out with super cool people and having the opportunity to tell the story of their day.

We’ve been told how people love how candid most of our work from weddings is. We’ve also been told people love how posed our weddings are. Truthfully, we give direction, then capture the moments in between. It’s those moments that give us the photos we are known for.

We have one of the best jobs in the world (at least we like to think so), and we are so excited that you’re taking the time to check out some of our favourite wedding photos. Our style is ever changing, and we are constantly growing.  You’ll see a slight shift in how we edit our weddings, which tends to happen as you grow in your craft.

This is on going, and we are constantly uploading new photos from our favourite sessions. If you have any questions about how/why we shoot engagements, just send us a message through the contact section, or even through Instagram (we are far more active there, and may even reply a bit faster). We can’t wait to hear from you.