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Why My Studio Is The Perfect Place For Your Maternity & Family Photos

Your family is growing fast

After every milestone you may be left wishing you could freeze them in this time forever. That paired with everyone telling you that your kids will be moving out before you know it, it’s enough to leave you fumbling for the remote to hit the pause button.

But, there are so many ways to stay present and celebrate your family at this moment in time! It can be as simple as

  • Going on a family walk
  • Having a movie night, all cozy on the couch with your favourite snacks and so many snuggles.
  • Having a fancy dinner where you are the chefs and the kids are the customers – not much different than any other dinner but throw on a chefs hat, write out some menus and watch the magic unfold!

My favourite way to celebrate your family is spending time together with a photo session.

You may be thinking,

“I don’t think we need to update our photos, I have more than enough pictures of everyone on my phone!”


“We can hold off until the next special occasion, there isn’t anything important going on right now!”

Well, we are here as your gentle reminder that you and your family will never be in this moment in time again.

What better way to capture the excitement, learning and growth of this little family you have created, than visiting our studio for a family session!

Signs that it’s time for new family photos

  • Your phone is FILLED with pictures, but you are in very few of them
  • The photos you have aren’t high enough quality to print for that perfect family photo spot above your mantel
  • You can’t remember the last time you got a photo where you weren’t the one orchestrating everyone together, fixing shirts or bribing your kids to smile (Alexa, how much candy is too much at 10am?)

This is where I step in

I can help you freeze this moment in time with a family session in our studio where we document your family, whatever stage you are in. While your kids still need help tying their shoes, or asking you to read them “one last bedtime story”. They say to enjoy the little moments, because one day you will look back and realize they were the big moments.

In Studio Family Session Niagara

Let us capture those big moments so you can focus on the important part, enjoying them.

Top 5 reasons why our studio is where you should have your next family photos

  1. Don’t worry about the weather
  2. No last minute cleaning…!!!
  3. Outfit choices, without the mess
  4. Elevate your family photo game
  5. These photos look stunning in prints and albums
Family Session In Studio In Niagara

Don’t worry about the weather!

After photographing hundreds of family sessions we know whether it’s 30° above or 15° below it can be challenging to adapt to the climate, especially if we are accounting for kids. Don’t get us wrong, we think outdoor photos are beautiful and as long as the weather cooperates, it can make for some dreamy winter wonderland scenes or some vibrant summer settings.

However, we understand that “if the weather cooperates” is a big “if”.

Our studio located at 9 James St. is the answer to your problems!

Say goodbye to the weather curveballs, we have the equipment to make the gloomiest sky look like the sun has never shone so bright.

That’s right, no more checking your weather app every hour, wondering if that rain warning is going to disappear as quickly as it came!

There is no time of year where documenting your family is less important! Even when the weather is freezing cold, or sweltering hot, your family is changing. Your kids keep growing, no matter how hard you might wish to keep them little forever.

Don’t miss out on these special moments in all of your lives because of the weather, send us a message, we would be so happy to chat about what photos are important for your family to have!

Family Session In Studio In Niagara

No last minute cleaning necessary…or cleaning at all!

While we would be happy to travel to your home and document your family in the place you have put so much time into, we think you deserve a break. What if we told you that you don’t have to be running around 10 minutes before your photographers arrive, picking up toys that you swear are duplicating every time you turn around. Or thinking you are finally at an acceptable level of cleanliness just to find your child’s latest sharpie masterpiece displayed all over your white walls.

You do so much already, we don’t want you to stress about the prep work, let us worry about that! Our studio will be ready to go for you and your family to come kick back, relax and enjoy some quality time together.

We chose to decorate our studio with classic neutral tones and accents that will create the perfect timeless look for your albums and prints on the wall. We know that these are memories that you want to look back on for years to come with pride and we kept that in mind with all of our design choices.

Family Session In Studio In Niagara

Our furniture is not only beautiful in photos, but so comfortable for your family to snuggle up on. Our beige couch is perfect for everyone to cozy up with each other on. Or our rocking chair with wooden accents, the best spot to capture those precious moments of you and your children while they are still little enough to be rocked.

Outfit choices, without the mess!

This is a popular topic for our clients who have family sessions, it’s hard enough to decide on a style for yourself, let alone 2-5 other people! This can sometimes lead to laying your entire wardrobe out on your bed, while you send 20 photos to your friend’s group chat for some much needed help!

One of the advantages of the studio is we have the time (and changing space) to use a few different outfit choices. We actually encourage you to bring a few different options, this can help add some diversity to your photos, as well as eliminate the stress of being decisive about yet another thing.

Outfit choice will mainly depend on your family’s vibe and style. We are always happy to talk through this with you, but when in doubt, we recommend sticking to neutrals and pastels to help give your photos the light and airy-style we love. Some of our favourite colour palettes have shades of white, grey, beige, mauve and blue in them. 

We want this to be as easy as possible for you, so in the interest of lending a helping hand, we have created a whole Pinterest board dedicated to our favourite looks for a family session, or our blog post on what to wear to your maternity session

Remember, If you have a few outfits that you just can’t decide between, bring them all, we have time!

Elevates your family photo game

In our perspective, the most special thing about a family session is the love and closeness you share and the bond you have created, but the backdrop for your photos can really set the tone for the shoot.

We do love our traditional outdoor photos! Your kids may love playing outside during the winter, but the bundled up marshmallow look may not be the vibe you are going for to hang in your living room (as cute as it can be)!

That being said, we feel the studio gives off an elegant vibe for your photos -most likely different than you have ever done before!

Don’t underestimate the value in, your stylish outfits paired with our classic decor. The combination really elevates your photos into something that is unique and memorable.

Family Studio Session In Niagara

They look stunning as prints and albums in your home

Your family photos are the most valuable art your home can have. Whether it’s an album on the table for your children to flip through years down the line and ask about that time in their lives. Or a print on the wall that catches your attention when you walk by because you are reminded of the way your children hugged you when you held them in your arms.

After you receive your photos, we love that you get to reminisce on the special moments that were captured. A photo of your kids holding tight to each other, their resemblance has never looked stronger! Or just a photo of the two of you, the first one in a while that wasn’t taken as a selfie.

Family Session In Studio In Niagara

We would love for you to take a look at the prints hanging on our wall or hold one of our family albums in your lap after your session and imagine it was filled with the special moments from your families shoot.


There is no off-season for love, celebration and family. When you book a family session at our studio, maybe you just want something to look forward to during this time, an excuse to dress up and show off off how beautiful of a tribe you have created.

But more cases than not, people book a family session to create another memory at this point in time and show some love to your small, but mighty village. Your family (and you) will always remember that time you made an intentional plan to spend time with each other and create memories. We can’t wait to have you over. 🙂

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