Our Favourite Wedding Photographers In Niagara

There are so many amazing photographers in Niagara. Once you start looking it can be so hard to choose which one is right for you. We so strongly believe that a rising tide floats all boats. That’s why we want to share our list of who we think are the best wedding photographers in Niagara and why. This list is in no particular order. Everyone here is amazing, and we highly recommend them if we are unavailable.
Young Glass Photography
Evan and Serena of Young Glass Photography are amazing. They took our wedding photos so we can say with confidence they are well worth the money. They’re the ones who inspired us to become a husband and wife team so they hold a special place in our hearts. On the day of they are a joy to have around, and they keep the mood super light and fun on your wedding day.
Style: If we’re looking at a scale of light and airy vs dark and moody, Evan and Serena are just about right in the middle. Their work is fairly contrasty, and super romantic. | Website: https://www.youngglassphotography.com/
Calvin Frank Photography
We love Calvin and his work so much! It honestly feels like he is so effortlessly good at his job. He makes you feel so comfortable, and take photos that make you feel so great about yourself. His client experience is seriously amazing.
Style: We would say Calvin’s work falls more on the light and airy side of things. If you like our work, you’ll like his too since we have very similar styles. | Website: www.calvinfrank.com/
Amos Photography
Dave & Emily are the sweetest husband and wife team. A huge benefit to husband and wife teams is that instead of just telling you how to pose, they can show you. They’re a ton of fun to spend your time with, and take beautiful photos while they’re at it.
Style: Their work is definitely on the more dark and moody side of photography. | Website: amos-photography.com/
Macy is an up and coming photographer whose work is incredible. In her first year, she’s booked her season up solid. We’ve had our photos taken by Macy and it was so much fun. We felt so relaxed as she documented our evening together.
Style: Macy’s work is definitely light and airy. | Website: http://rootedphoto.ca/
Ally & Nicholas
Another amazing husband and wife photography team. They are so great at documenting a couples wedding day. It feels like they’re a fly on the wall and we get to watch how everything unfolds. Their work seriously inspires us.
Style: Ally & Nicholas’ work falls in the more dark and moody side of photography. | Website: http://www.allyandnicholas.com/
Gemini Photography
Angela’s work is so beautiful, more important she is one of the loveliest people we’ve met. She knows how to capture a day so beautifully, and every single one of her couples look so in love.
Style: Gemini Photography’s style falls in line with the more bright and airy look of photography. | Website:https://www.geminiphotographyontario.com/
Robin Sassi Photography
Although Robin isn’t based in Niagara, she shoots in Niagara a bunch. We felt like this list wouldn’t be complete without her. We love Robin’s work so much. It’s so obvious that she has so much fun with her couples. She’s able to document a wedding day so beautifully, and any couple would be more than lucky to have her.
Style: Robin’s Style is a bit more on the moody side of things but she’s definitely got some photos that are full of warmth. | Website:www.robinsassiphotography.com/
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