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Choosing a venue is one of the earliest and biggest decisions a couple makes along their wedding planning journey. So many other decisions result from this one – number of guests, menu selection, decor decisions … it can feel like a lot of pressure. You want to find the perfect place that will be comfortable for you and your guests, accommodate your needs and look gorgeous in photos. We understand the weight of this decision and want to show you a few of our favourites so you can:

  • See some inside photos of weddings we’ve shot in those locations
  • Know what questions might be helpful to ask when visiting a potential venue 
  • Feel more ease and less stress when making your wedding venue decision 

Niagara’s Wedding Venues:

Whatever your criteria for a venue, Niagara offers multitudes of incredible indoor and outdoor wedding venues. From the incredible establishments of Vintage Hotels to Niagara’s natural landscape of vineyards, escarpment and water, there is no shortage of excellent options. In our five years as Morning Light Photography we’ve travelled to over 25 different wedding venues and we’ve narrowed this number down to our five favourites. 

How We Can Help You:

As wedding photographers, our highest goal is to take beautiful photos – the kind of photos that will light you up with joy when you see them for the first time and still make you feel the love and romance you felt on your wedding day ten years later. We also know that in order to do this, you need to feel blissfully calm and comfortable in the environment you spend your wedding day in. That’s why we also take it upon ourselves as photographers to help you with other aspects of your wedding day, like helping you form a timeline and also providing you with recommendations when you have big decisions to make. Great pictures start with feeling great, so without further ado, let’s take a look inside five of Niagara’s best locations to help you feel incandescently happy on your wedding day.

Before we get started, here’s a quick overview. Pay attention to the things that spark joy or excitement for you! They’re in no particular order because, well, they’re all our favourites!

Quick Summary: 

  • Ravine – Incredible sunset photos with vineyards and escarpment available (just 10-15 minutes of photos here and you’ll end up with your favourite photos of the day!) 
  • The Pillar and Post – A wonderful venue all-around, with a lot of different photo spots and everything conveniently close by (gardens, The Commons across the street, etc.) 
  • Inn on the Twenty – A classic, elegant venue option. Especially at sunset, downtown Jordan really calms down making it a perfect spot to get those vintage, downtown wedding photos. 
  • Ball’s Falls – Another beautiful spot for sunset photos, this time on the Bruce Trail. Sunset photos in a heritage setting for rustic, old fashioned charm. 
  • The Gatehouse – A new venue in Niagara-on-the-Lake you have to check out! With fantastic interior lighting and the beautiful cityscape of Niagara-on-the-Lake available, it’s a can’t miss venue to add to your list of options. 

Now let’s take a closer look! 

Five Venues We Highly Recommend for Wedding Photos (And a Fantastic Wedding Day) in Niagara

  • Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery 


Address: 1366 York Rd

St. Davids, ON L0S 1P0

Seating: from 10-60 in the Barrel Cellar, up to 300 in the Event Centre

Photo Opportunities Nearby: St. David’s cityscape, the south escarpment, 34-acre vineyards

Catering: Available (and incredible!)

How could this gorgeous location not be on our list of favourites? Some of the best sunset photos have taken place in this incredible 34-acre vineyard near the southern escarpment in St. David’s. Ravine has expertly integrated natural scenery and their 150 years of agricultural heritage with their spectacular venues. Like many wineries in Niagara, along with the gorgeous landscape, you can count on the food being of top quality. Ravine takes it a step further by growing many fruits and vegetables in their organic gardens, which are cultivated in partnership with their on-site beehives and honey program. Planning a wedding at Ravine means you will truly taste the best of Niagara.  

Ravine should definitely be on your list of places to visit and when you do, be sure to check out the outdoor space where you can hold your ceremony overlooking the chardonnay vineyards. If your reception is after 2 p.m., you’ll get wonderful outdoor lighting that will only get more flattering as the day goes on.  For your reception, the Barrel Cellar gives the perfect backdrop for a gothic romance with dim lighting that is a perfect match for candles and floral greenery. Hosting your reception in the Barrel Cellar is a great idea for couples who love the interplay between wine and food, as you’ll be seated with a view of their ageing wine and charcuterie! 

With a wedding at Ravine, your photos can feature:

  • Sunset photos in the vineyard
  • Vast green backgrounds set against the escarpment
  • The sleek elegance of windowed venues
  • White background of their colonial-style farmhouse
  1. The Pillar and Post:


Address: 48 John Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Seating Capacity: 

  • The Upper Canada Hall Ballroom – 192 
  • The Secord Room – 24

Photo Opportunities Nearby: The Commons, Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake, parks, vineyards

Catering: Available (onsite culinary team) 

Old town Niagara-on-the-Lake charm meets Tuscan vineyard-inspired design. You’ve likely gotten this recommendation multiple times since getting engaged. It’s well known and widely recommended for good reason. This historic, multi-award winning resort in Niagara-on-the-Lake provides you with an abundance of accommodations and amenities: an indoor and outdoor spa, hotel rooms for guests, catering, fine dining, patios, amazing staff and an extraordinary property for photos and exploring. When it comes to wedding planning, you will get access to their curated vendor list as well as your choice of four spaces for rehearsal dinners, bridal suites, ceremony and reception: the Olde Library and Gallery, the Upper Canada Hall Ballroom, the Secord Room or the Courtyard Rose Garden. 

With a wedding at The Pillar and Post, your photos can feature: 

  • Dark wooden beams and twinkle lights
  • Gold-framed mirrors
  • Colonial style architecture with tall windows
  • Dark brick exterior with luscious green vines 
  • Indoor and outdoor options 
  • Inn on the Twenty: 


Address: 3845 Main Street, Jordan 

Seating Capacity: Up to 140 people 

Photo Opportunities Nearby: Stone buildings on the mainstreet city scape, the Jordan Heritage School House, Ball’s Falls, vineyards 

Catering: Available (On site culinary team) 

Along a charming downtown cityscape of Jordan Village, you’ll find another one of Vintage Hotel’s masterpieces, Inn on the Twenty. Amidst gorgeous heritage homes, grey stone buildings and the kind of tall black street lamps that make you feel like you’re in the musical La La Land, you can also enjoy the convenience of Inn on the Twenty’s hotel accommodations, full-service spa, and prestigious Inn on the Twenty Restaurant. Inn on the Twenty offers four unique reception spaces that can accommodate your style and needs, especially with their curated list of vendors and wedding specialists. With your wedding at Inn on the Twenty, you get the best of Niagara’s wine country as well as the quaint heritage of Jordan Village. 

Your photos can feature:
Stunning vineyard landscapes

  • The lush green forest areas and waterfalls of Ball’s Falls
  • Jordan Hollow lookout point at the Jordan Museum 
  • The charming textures of old stone buildings and old-town sophistication 
  • Well kept gardens with a fountain and a stunning vine-covered archway 
  • Glowing lights of lamp posts and regal colonial buildings 
  • Ball’s Falls


Address: 3292 Sixth Avenue, Lincoln

Seating Capacity: Largest indoor venue holds 190 people

Photo Opportunities: Vintage buildings, green space of the escarpment, two waterfalls, cityscape of Jordan Village nearby, vineyards nearby 

Catering: Not available – bring your own caterer 

A true classic. Think Anne of Green Gables meets enchanted forest. This historic village from the 1800s is perfectly nestled in the forest, hiking trails and two unforgettable waterfalls of the Niagara Escarpment. Ball’s Falls provides you with equally stunning venue space inside and outside. Floral archways, rustic lanterns and flowing tulle look amazing in an outdoor ceremony with a forest backdrop. Or you may be enchanted by their historic white chapel with dark green accents where you can hold a quaint traditional ceremony. For your reception, you can choose from two indoor spaces depending on your style – an elegantly rustic barn with high beams and twinkle lights, or the large-windowed, modern space of the “Glen Elgin Room.” There’s also a sophisticated bridal suite to get ready in, that is perfect for light and airy photos. There’s plenty to do in Ball’s Falls and nearby for guests to entertain themselves between the ceremony and reception so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Your photos can feature: 

  • The ethereal mix of forest and waterfalls 
  • The quaint heritage village views of a time long passed
  • Rustic elegance in the Big Barn
  • The classy cityscape of nearby Jordan Village
  • The Gate House 


Location: 142 Queen Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Seating Capacity: Up to 140 guests

Photo Opportunities Nearby: Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake, 

Catering: Exclusive (and amazing) catering through Treadwell Farm to Table Restaurant 

This is an unforgettable space of open, airy elegance. The modern spin on a heritage classic has created something simply magical. The Gate House is one of Niagara’s newest wedding venue spaces, since opening up in Spring 2019. It’s been such a pleasure getting familiar with this new Niagara gem. The Gate House has been remodelled to incorporate aspects of its original architecture and design from the 1700s and has a patio that overlooks charming Queen Street. With white walls, this space provides an incredible canvas for the creative wedding visionaries – unique floral creations, trendy tablescapes and modern sleek design elements. This venue has partnered with the 124 on Queen Hotel and Spa to provide you and your guests with convenient, luxurious accommodations. When you hold your wedding at The Gate House you’ll have all the stunning features of modern elegance at your fingertips.

Your photos can feature: 

  • Light and open interior spaces with white walls and tall windows 
  • Trendy gold wall art and light fixtures
  • The lively, heritage cityscape of Queen Street
  • Historical sites and buildings around Niagara-on-the-Lake 
  • Close to many parks and vineyards for a green settings as well  


When looking for wedding venues in Niagara, we highly recommend considering these five renowned locations. The venue you choose is the setting for your wedding day story, and with any of these indoor and outdoor spaces, your wedding story be told with elegance and beauty. 

Perhaps you noticed a theme as you read through our review of each venue: every establishment has a combination of natural elements, historical nods and modern design. We think these features create the trifecta of wedding settings for your photos. You can’t go wrong with any of these locations that bring out the best in Niagara, while having the flexibility to customize to your unique tastes. 

  • Non Affiliation Disclaimer: Morning Light Photography is not being compensated by the venues on this list. We just want to share the amazing experiences we’ve had at these venues so our clients can be supported with first-hand recommendations along their wedding planning journey. 

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