Wedding Questions & Answers 

      Planning your wedding can be stressful. Hopefully these questions along with our answers will help put you at ease while planning your dream wedding.

      1. Will 10  hours enough for my wedding day?
        Definitely! We can photograph everything we need and more in 10 hours.
      2. Do you create wedding albums?
        We sure do! We have an awesome company we work with in Toronto. We love the fact that they’re Canadian made, and top quality. As well as wedding albums, we can also create engagement photo albums that many people have at weddings, as well as wedding albums. Just let us know if you’re interested!
      3. What does the booking process look like?
        All you need to do is send us a message through the contact section and we can get the conversation started.
      4. Do you separate during the wedding day?
        We are way more fun together. We have two unique photography styles and when you put them together you get Morning Light Photography. Separating would take all of that away. This means we stick together.
      5. Are Engagement Sessions necessary?
        We believe so! We get countless couples who think they aren’t photogenic, but they often leave the engagement session feeling much more confident in front of the camera, and super excited by the photos! Having this experience before the wedding day (remove , ) makes everything run much smoother. It’s also a great time to get photos to show off to all your friends, family, and followers on Instagram.
      6. How long do engagement sessions typically last?
        Our engagement sessions are typically about an hour(ish). We love talking with couples and hanging out, which sometimes means the sessions last a bit longer.
      7. “Can you copy this photo I’ve seen on Pinterest? I know it’s shot in winter and our wedding is summer but can we get something close?
        We can do our best to recreate photos for you providing it fits the vibe of your wedding, and how we shoot, but we work best when we can get creative and use our expertise to capture your love the best way we know how.
      8. Do you travel?
        Yes, we do! We are based in the Niagara Region, but if your big day is outside the Niagara Region let us know, and we can send you our travel rates.

      We hope this has helped answer your questions.

      If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to let us know through the contact section. If you want to see previews, and keep up with us on wedding days you can follow us on Instagram. We can’t wait to hear from you.