Celine & Curtis: Engagement

This was such a fun engagement session for us. This was one of the first engagement sessions where we took photos on film. If you’re wondering by film if we mean what they used to use to take photos a long time ago, then you are totally right!

Almost every wedding photographer in Niagara, Toronto, and beyond is using some sort of preset to make the colours look like it was shot on film. This gave us the idea to actually try shooting on film. It’s a longer process, and you need to give more time for photos. However, it is totally worth it.


From a photographer point of view, the colour tones are so much nicer, richer, and makes your photos look super high-end. In english that means it makes your wedding photos really pretty. It also allows for us to connect more with you throughout the session and not be worried about settings, and other silly things that come along with digital.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our fancy DSLR cameras. We’ve just loved the Fine Art style for a while, and film is a major piece in creating that style. If you like this session, you’ll also love Eunice and Kalyan’s engagement session. You can check that out by clicking anywhere in this sentence. 

You can also see what we’re up to, and behind the scenes on Instagram. We can’t wait to hang out with you there. 🙂

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